Your Ring Now Becomes Smarter

December 11, 2013 Smarty Ring" does everything your smartphone does @TheRoyaleIndia 572 0 0

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Imagine your phone is on a silent mode, lying on your kitchen table while you are busy watching television in your drawing room. You later realize you have several missed calls from your boss. That’s one good reason to panic, isn’t it?

The brand new innovation called the “Smarty Ring” ensures you don’t miss out on any of your crucial calls and messages. At first glance, the device looks like an ordinary ring but is capable of doing almost everything your smartphone can. The bluetooth-enabled ring allows you to manage incoming calls and check smartphone alerts right from your finger.

As soon as you have walked more than 30 feet away from your phone, the ring alerts you with a beep. Apart from keeping you updated with calls, emails, and messages, the device ensures you keep a tab on the latest posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The gadget is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and packs in a battery that can easily last for around 24 hours.

No word on the price yet. But, you can surely expect a price tag that goes easy on your pocket.

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