Yesterday was PAST, Today is a GIFT and here is how to make it to the Tomorrowland

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Attending a music festival is dream of every music enthusiast who loves to travel. Tomorrowland is one those festivals which is on many EDM (Electronic Dance Music) lovers’ wishlist and we came across these true insane and totally mad music lovers who attended Tomorrowland 2014; the proud Indian flag bearers! With no pestering and a small fee of free lunch we got enthusiastic Sachit Subramanian to write for us about their experience at this mecca of EDM music festival Over to him:

It all started with me sitting in front of the computer on wee hours of a Friday in February. Eyes on the screen, hands on keyboard, one uniform word: Tomorrowland

The dream to this epic journey started soon after I was exposed to the genre of music called EDM, back in my college. Over a period of time, the exposure to EDM festivals in India led me to believe that my dream of getting to Tomorrowland is not too far. With Tomorrowland making a decade this year, it was the perfect occasion.

Planning the visit to Tomorrowland 2014

Sachit chirantan with indian flag tomorrowland festival @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Sachit Subramanian

The planning for all this started in December 2013 with my friend and buddy Chirantan Sanjay. Both of us being avid EDM listeners, we decided to plan this trip to the last dot. Chirantan decided to study more about the place and planning; how to spend the three days of Tomorrowland, and I took up the responsibility to do the festival ticketing, air ticketing and the Visa procedure. We set aside a budget to do the whole trip and also decided to add another European City. I got slapped when Paris came as a suggestion! But we later settled in for Amsterdam!

Getting the Festival Tickets

The excitement kept doubling as days passed, and then came the breakdown day, February 15th. The whole world wanted to login at the official Tomorrowland website to secure their passes! The passes got sold within a record time of 13 minutes, despite of having two weekends as compared to one in the previous years. We could not manage to get one for ourselves. All our plans went for a toss. The planning we did had to be given up. With sad faces and giving up on the whole plan we sat down to think, What Next?

Having international friends and contacts does help. My classmate from London informed me about a third party website selling extra passes!! Woohoo, the moment of joy came at once and we booked our passes at a premium of 100 percent! But then who cares it was Tomorrowland after all.


After a 40 minute phone call with MakeMyTrip I got a brilliant deal on my airfare. In the course of the next week, I had all the papers needed for Visa and by the end of May we had everything ready! All we had to do was to wait for the day to come and effuse the madness.

Journey to the Festival

Time passed by like never before and the day arrived soon; 16th of July 2014. Bags were packed, a crash course on how to pitch our tent was done, the INDIAN Tri Color flag was packed, and we embarked on the most awaited journey. After traveling across almost every continent in the world, airplanes and passport control was just another thing for me. But the excitement was something new! The Jet Airways flight 9W548 flew us to Brussels! After a tiring 9-hour flight and 2-hour train journey we reached BOOM! The venue for Tomorrowland!

At Tomorrowland

tomorrowland 2014 the crowd @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Sachit Subramanian

On day one, Thursday 17th of July, we waited for about 3 hours to receive the most hyped wrist band which was our ticket to enter and exit for Both the Dreamville and Tomorrowland arena. Dreamville being the place where we camped and Tomorrowland was the main festival arena.

We got into Dreamville and pitched our tent at the Purple district. The whole place was very well planned and we had round the clock security. After settling down and gulping a few beers we went to attend the Dreamville gathering which was organized for all the Dreamville residents. The stage had a bunch of talented Belgian DJ’s spinning the wheel with Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike finished the set. By the end of the day we had made so many new friends and already met people from across the globe! With even more excitement we came back to our district for a small after party and then dozed off for the night

DAY 1 at Tomorrowland

On the most awaited, Friday the 18th of July, Chirantan had already planned the artists we had to visit! The temperature was blazing at over 34 degrees and we had to put on the sunblocks. After instagramming Thursday’s events we left for the main venue. After going around the whole venue and taking a sneak-peak at all the stages we came to the main stage when one of the most awaited artists on our list Skrillex was playing. Watching over one and a half lakh people dance to the same tune was a magnificent sight! We ran, barged our way to the barricades right in front and jumped like there was no tomorrow!

Taking the sackbag rides to waving flags of completely random countries we did it all. Post Skrillex we went around a few more stages with a small tiny underground stage being one of the most unique one! Every stage was technically dressed with the best sound system; LAcoustics supplying their gear! The day ended with Armin Van Burren playing his trance list ASOT!

DAY 2 at Tomorrowland

tomorrowland teisto @TheRoyaleIndia

Day 2 turned out to be even more unbelievable than we could imagine, we spent a good part of 10 hours from 3 in the afternoon to 1 in the night right at the barricade. The line up started with Afrojack, Netsky, Alesso, and Hardwell. Then came the person for whom I literally came all the way from India TIESTO! The master in this game and his set was totally mind blowing! The most amazing part was a back to back set that he played with Hardwell. Post sunset every day the fireworks were a sight to see. It rained on the 2nd Day, but that never put down the enthusiasm of the people who were dancing. The sound kept rolling till the last man danced!

DAY 3 at Tomorrowland

On Day 3 we decided to watch it from a distance as we had planned to be a part of the gallery were flags of all different countries had been placed! We reached early and found an amazing spot for the national flag! We spent all our time at the gallery. The sight was mesmerizing with lakhs of people dancing around the confetti, the laser show and never the less absolutely amazing DJ’s spinning the jog! The show started with R3HAB, Krewella, W and W, Nickey Romero, Steve Angello, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and the set finished with 3 legends (Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike). We also witnessed the launch of Tomorrowland Basil with over 40,000 people dancing to David Guetta and the sound was transmitted over internet! What a sight and feeling that was!

Off to Amsterdam with a promise to be Back

tomorrowland the night neon dance festival @TheRoyaleIndia

Image Credit: Sachit Subramanian

It was Monday! Three days of madness came to an end! We had to catch our flight to Amsterdam! As we woke up that morning packing our bags to leave Dreamville there was a completely different phase I was going through, I realized I did not just witness the world’s largest EDM music festival but I realized it’s the people who are also involved! The Germans were dancing with the Brazilians, I was dancing with a Bolivian flag, the oneness and the love they show is simply amazing. Tomorrowland is not just a festival it’s a place of oneness, love, devotion and more! With mixed feelings we walked our way out of Dreamville to the bus station to take our bus to Brussels Airport leaving us with memories of life time and a reason to come back next year!”

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