World’s First curved OLED TV arrives in India

December 13, 2013 LG Curved OLED TV comes to India @TheRoyaleIndia 657 0 0

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Finally! Finally! Finally! The highly anticipated LG OLED TV launches in India with a super-expensive price tag of Rs. 9,99,000. Did the price make you sweat? Well, no wonder it did. Unlike the standard RGB pixels displayed by standard televisions, this one comes with a 4-colour pixel technology with an addition of white sub-pixel. The set also includes a Magic Remote with features like Gesture, Voice and Universal control.

Adding up to the glamour is the 2-channel speaker system with a thin ceramic film that claims to offer a much better sound quality. The TV sports an ultra-slim OLED panel and weighs around 17.2 kg. Connectivity options include 4 HDMI ports, a headphone jack, LAN port, 2 USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port.

What’s highly impressive is it’s transparent crystal clear stand equipped with 5 see-through speakers capable of offering an audio output of up to 40W. According to LG, the response time of the TV is 100 times faster than all of it’s previous LED and LCD models.

No doubt, the design may seem a bit unusual but definitely not the one you would complain about. Moreover, the TV packs in some awesome features that promise to take your entertainment to the next level. So, in case you are planning to do away with that old bulky box lying in your bed-room, you might want to replace it with this brand new LG curved OLED TV.

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