World’s 5 Best New Year Party Destinations

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It’s that time of the year again. Christmas Carols are in the air and we are sure the fireworks are in place, while the new Champagne bottle is waiting to be uncorked as we begin to ring in the New Year. While most of us have plans set, but if your idea of a celebration involves fooling around with friends, strangers, heavy drinking and shaking the leg all night, then here’s our list of the world’s best PARTY destinations, away from your home town.


karaoke_nights_tokyo @TheRoyaleIndia

Japanese people are always assumed to be ‘the serious’ types. However, to its contrary, they are fun loving people and it is quite evident from the night life the country’s capital has to offer. In fact, if you are in the city, there’s plenty to do, and this is one day of the year when the public transport keeps running all night long. Oh by the way, did we tell you? Tokyo is home to some of the best Karaoke clubs in the world. So why not jingle with a Japanese song?


dubai @TheRoyaleIndia

Agreed, that this one choice isn’t the ‘drink-in-the-street’ types, but if cold deserts, barbecue buffet, belly dancers with an in-house alcohol bar are your choice, then Abu Dhabi is your heaven! And oh, you also have an opportunity to ride a camel, ride a quad bike with a dazzling canopy of stars, just in the middle of night!


seminyak_bali_city @TheRoyaleIndia

Feeling a little more adventurous and naughty? Head straight to the party town of Bali. A beach town, the shores lit up by amorous fireworks, while the passionate young men and women take to the streets with a little bit of dancing and flirting. And if you end up kissing the man/woman of your life, we won’t be surprised. The locales will tell you stories about Seminyak being famous for its New Year’s Midnight love stories! 🙂


barcelona @TheRoyaleIndia

If being naughty and romantic is not sufficient enough for you…. head to the craziest town of Spain where it’s a tradition to wear red underwear for luck in the coming year and eat 12 grapes, one for each chime of the clock at midnight. There are crazier things that Spain’s Barcelona will end up showing you.


rio_de_janeiro-_samba @TheRoyale

A little clichéd, but Rio de Janeiro continues to be one of the most iconic party places of the world. If you are looking for the erratic hustle bustle, loud music, a wide range of party activities with sparkling costumes, ultra-gorgeous women and locals with a sexy attitude, then Rio is the place to be! Soak up the sun, drink the booze and dance away the New Year’s eve with some rustic samba beats!

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