World of Green Tea Varieties and Benefits

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Sipping the green tea until sometime ago was thought to be a passing fad with the elites. From that to today all and sundry are sipping it to lose weight, detoxify, add some glow to the skin and so on. Many sip the green tea without even knowing the benefit nor do they know the right way of making a cup of healthy green tea. So, we thought of putting together an article on the best green tea varieties available and their benefits:

1. Gunpowder

Gunpowder @TheRoyaleIndia

This Chinese variety is a very popular one, mainly grown in Province of Zhejiang. In its processed form, it takes the shape of tiny pellets that open up during brewing.

Benefit: Boosts the HDL level in your body.

2. Gyukoro

Gyukoro @TheRoyaleIndia

This Japanese variety has flat, pointed leaves. The taste is smooth with a pleasant light fragrance. This variety is one among the very best of Japanese green teas and just before the final harvest, its leaves are moved from sunlight to the shade to preserve its nutrients.

Benefit: Helps is weight loss due to its action of increasing body metabolism.

3. Matcha

Matcha @TheRoyaleIndia

Another Japanese variety that is grown just like Gyokuro. However, the processing of the tea leaves is done by grounding it on conventional stone-mills while those of the Gyokuro are just left to dry by themselves. You can actually consume Matcha leaves in the raw and get the benefits of its antioxidation properties.

Benefit: Improves skin tone and boosts the immune system.

4. Schinha

Schinha @TheRoyaleIndia

Another Japanese green tea variety where the picking of the leaves is done very early in order to retain the nutrients in its concentrated form. The catechin content is low while the vitamin as well as amino acid content is high in this tea.

Benefits: Helps build muscle tone and in conjunction with weight loss.

5. LongJing

LongJing @TheRoyaleIndia

A very popular variety of Chinese tea containing amino acids, vitamin C and catechins. This variety again unclogs arteries, boosts metabolism and helps burn fat faster without any side effects.

7. Pi Lo Chun

Pi Lo Chunn @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the unusual varieties that is grown amidst trees of plum, peach and apricots. The result is a wonderful fruity fragrance that the leaves pick up from the blossoming fruit trees.

Benefits: Manages cholesterol levels as it elevates HDL.

8. Bancha

Bancha @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the tea varieties that is actually harvested rather late. Its leaves are quite large and the pickers harvest its stems, stalks as well. The flavor though is not as strong.

The above green tea varieties with their associated benefits should be more than enough motivation for you to try them out. If you are struggling to give up smoking, you may want to give green tea an honest try and who knows, you may be able to say goodbye to that habit. You can get started by trying some Indian versions of green tea to get acquainted to the taste. Check out the green tea varieties and get into the elite club of green tea lovers!

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