“Woman of the house – A Tribute to New Age Woman”

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Sumita Chakraborty revels in the birth of the new ‘woman’ of the house which has heralded a new revolution this decade.

Gone are the days when women were relegated to just looking after the home and hearth. Today, women are on top. They’ve proved themselves in every field and have smashed all the ol’e stereotypes into smithereens.

And at the moment, they rule the house and work place with the same élan. Indeed, they’ve proved that they can juggle their respective world with dexterity and skill, and have shown that with focus and determination, they can handle anything… anywhere.

Don’t believe us? Okay, let’s prove our point.

Miss World Rules

This girl came from a small town called Jamshedpur. She had absolutely no knowledge of the film industry. In fact, she won the Miss India pageant and everybody in the know can vouch that this girl was focused, determined and worked extremely hard. And from there, she went on to win the coveted title of Miss World and then entered the film industry to become one of the highest paid actresses in India.

Priyanka Chopra @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes, we are talking about the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra. Her dad actually called her ‘his son’ as she looked after the family and her work with as much dedication. Not satisfied to rest on her past laurels, Priyanka decided to conquer Hollywood. “It was a risk I had to take. I didn’t know anybody there. But I was determined to make it.”

Today, Priyanka has successfully straddled between a successful global TV show ‘Quantico’, a Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’ with the great Dwayn ‘the Rock’ Johnson and is also helming popular awards events in Hollywood. In India too, she has many endorsements and is also reading many award winning scripts. How does she do it? “Well, I work hard. I am extremely focused and I make things happen,” says Priyanka. And if this beauty isn’t ruling the world… then who is?

Super Mom

kareena kapoor @TheRoyaleIndia

Closer home, the beautiful Kareena Kapoor Khan didn’t give a damn about old tales of pregnant women not being seen or heard. She showed off her pregnancy with pride till the ninth month. In fact, she even shot many endorsements in her pregnant avatar and has even spawned a new mum’s high fashion trend. She looked sexy, sassy and all woman. And even after she gave birth to the gorgeous li’l Taimur, she refused to be a stay at home mum. She was seen partying almost two weeks after she gave birth. Kareena says, “I am proud to be a mum. But I’m also an actress and woman. And I’m enjoying all the avtaars.”

Being A Bachchan

Aishwariya Rai @TheRoyaleIndia

Like her, the wonderful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan successfully plays every role in the real world. From being a wonderful bahu to the great Amitabvh Bachchan and wife Jaya, wife to Abhishek, mother to Aaradhya, and daughter and sister to her mum and brother. And she’s also found her calling in meaningful movies like ‘Sarabjit’ where she played Sarabjit Singh’s sister in the film. Indeed, she juggles all her roles with ease and still manages to look absolutely stunning. Aishwarya believes that in life whatever one does, it should be done with sincerity and honesty.”

Determination Pays

Deepika Padukone @TheRoyaleIndia

Not far away, there is this leggy lass who started out as a model. Her father Prakash Padukone was a badminton champ and perhaps, she didn’t struggle in the old stereotype way. “My struggle started after I became successful,” Deepika says. And yes, though she conquered Bollywood systematically by acting with all the top heroes, being the number one in Bollywood and sweeping the top awards and honours. Her battle with depression was a minor hurdle that she faced rather bravely. After which, she flew touching the skies or rather Hollywood. Today, she’s been featured in the Forbes list of ‘World’s highest Paid Actresses’ earning 10 million US$ last year itself. At the moment, Deepika has the world at her feet with top designers from Michael Kors to Monique lhuillier vying with each other to dress her up while Hollywood and Bollywood bigwigs running around her showing their scripts while she picks and chooses.

Indeed, she’s the woman of the decade – confident, focused and determined – running her life, career and house her way!

Us’ Women

Woman of the house @TheRoyaleIndia

There are so many more women like these wonderful celebrity women who are the true woman of the house. They cook, clean, look after their families and make a career. At home, they are doting mothers, loving wives and bahus. But at work, they work as hard as men.

  • They are focused and determined and rise up the ladder through the dint of their hard work.

  • They do not use the ‘woman’ card as excuses – in fact, as proud women they work extra hard to achieve new milestones.

Today, we herald the new ‘woman’ of the house. …Women who have proved themselves over and over again. Who have passed the litmus test and have made ‘womanhood’ a matter of pride.

So ladies, put your hands together for yourself – the new ‘woman’ of the house! Yes, you’ve come a long way woman… really long!

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