7 Trendy Winter Jackets That Every Women Must Invest In

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We just let go of all the October heat and now it’s time for what we could call most people’s favorite season. When you live in a country that experiences warm to hot temperatures for most of the year, you definitely look forward to winter. It brings in this pleasant change. For the diva in you this is also the season when you can pull out those scarves and jackets and play around with your looks. It’s when you won’t suffocate in a nice warm fuzzy jacket!

In case you’re wondering what your wardrobe needs this winter, here we are listing 7 types of jackets you must get this winters. It’s definitely a worthy investment!

1. A Trench Coat

trench coat winter fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

Trench coats are available in beautiful colors that are not too bright and can be used for both work as well as fun evenings. They are usually made from water proof material. You could get one in a bright color like red or fuchsia. Since winters aren’t very cold here trench coats fit best. You can find them in different lengths; pick one depending on what you plan to pair it with.

2. Blazers

trendy blazers winters @TheRoyaleIndia

These look formal, but if you pair it with the right colors they won’t let you down on that family dinner or an evening with friends. If it’s too cold you could pull another jacket on top. They’re usually available in materials like polyester or nylon and other blends. You can use these even when it’s not as cold. They’re best for indoor events and look really stylish, when paired with the right accessories; you’re definitely making a style statement.

3. Leather Jacket

leather jacket winter trend @TheRoyaleIndia

For days when the rock star or the biker girl in you wants to step out wearing that pair of canvas shoes, your old jeans and win the night over, the leather jacket it perfect! It would look great paired with anything, top it on with a dress and you’ll still be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. From the classic black to some really fun colors like red, you can find one that you will absolutely love and don’t think twice before you buy this one. You surely won’t regret it.

4. Pea Coats

pea coats fashion perfect winter @TheRoyaleIndia

Pea coats are fun and look extremely adorable with many buttons on the front. These are perfect for those extremely chilly winters. The fabric is heavy and gives a very elegant appearance. It fits well and sometimes when you mean business, pea coats are good at expressing it. You can find them in navy blue, to red, to some really bright colors too. Initially they were made from wool, now you can find them in linen and cashmere blends too.

5. Denim Jacket

denim jacket winter fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

This one’s probably everyone’s favorite. Pair it with a top or a dress or with just about anything, there’s no going wrong with this one. It’s the perfect piece to make a style statement. They’re available in different designs, from short ones to sleeveless ones too. They can keep you warm unless it’s extremely cold. You can sport them outdoors too and since its denim, you need not worry about damaging this one!

6. Stylish Capes

capes winter fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

These days quiet often you can spot people sporting capes, they are again back in fashion now. They are super-comfortable and look strikingly stylish. So, with capes, be sure to bring some winter magic to your wardrobe!

7. Fur Coats

fur coats winter @TheRoyaleIndia

Fur coats are extremely comfortable and soft, making them perfect for those cold winter nights. Once u slip into one of these, you won’t let go off it. In case you find the fur coats too much, then you can pick coats that have fur only around the sides or get a fur scarf and drape it on your normal jacket for that added oomph factor!

With winters just around the corner, it’s already time to invest in some trendy jackets to not just keep warm but also look irresistibly hot!!

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