Windows 8.1 is out. What’s New?

October 21, 2013 Newly released Windows 8.1 OS by Microsoft @TheRoyaleIndia 597 0 0

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Microsoft released Windows 8.1 with a bunch of brand new features, most of which might force to you go for the upgrade. In case you missed that lovely old “Start” button, you have a good reason to rejoice, as the button is back. Above all, Windows 8.1 comes with a better multitasking capability. Run upto 4 applications, and your PC won’t complain, provided you have a high-resolution monitor. Taking it all a step further is a cool pre-loaded picture editor with a bunch of pre-set effects. That’s not all. There is a lot more in store. So, once you have upgraded, spend some time getting your hands dirty and you are sure to come across something really awesome.

Windows 8.1 - First Look.

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