Windows 10 Mobile Latest Update To Enhance Security By Introducing Fingerprint Reader Support

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Microsoft will soon be releasing the Windows 10 Anniversary update for both desktops and phones. Interestingly, this update will bring the most anticipated Fingerprint Reader support to handsets running on the Windows 10.

Earlier Windows had introduced ‘Hello’, a feature that let users unlock their devices through facial recognition, thus eliminating the need of typing a password to log in. The upcoming fingerprint scanner will further add up to the security. The scanner will have to be integrated with ‘Hello’ in order to make it work. According to a few sources, the HP Elite X3 is most likely to be the first handset to receive this new update.

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The fingerprint scanner is not the only feature that makes this update worth waiting for. If you have been missing the swipe navigation feature (available on old Windows Phones) for a while now, it’s time to rejoice its comeback, but this time in Microsoft Edge.

Another powerful feature to be added is the App Support for websites. Instead of viewing websites in a browser, you will be able to open those using apps. If you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, you will be able to play around with this feature by simply going to Setting > System > Apps. Although, nothing much is yet known about this feature, but we’ll keep you updated as and when we receive some more information.

Windows 10 fingerprint scanner @TheRoyaleIndia


Moving further, we can see some major improvements in the Feedback Hub as well. Earlier, when submitting a feedback, it was quite hard to find out which category the feedback would actually belong to. However, now, every time you create a feedback, you will be offered suggestions on the categories and subcategories that rightly go with the feedback description you entered. All you need to do is select the right category and your feedback will be sent to the right technical department.

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Apart from bringing in some brand new features, the upcoming update will also eliminate several bugs. For instance, certain apps that crashed on launch are now believed to work fine.

While Microsoft decided to add new features and fix a few bugs, it also intends to do away with things that aren’t quite helping the users. Take, for instance, the Wi-Fi Sense with the password sharing feature, which will most likely be removed.

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Interestingly, you will soon be able to download and add extensions to the Edge browser. Moreover, the User Account Control dialogue is also expected to get an updated look. Now, all of that is definitely good enough to make you happy. And don’t be surprised if a few more features are added to this update in the days to come. By releasing this update, Microsoft plans to further expand the possibilities one can encounter with Windows.

Although the update brings in a whole bunch of goodness, you may still find a few empty spots. If that’s the case, it is most likely that Microsoft will be doing its best to fill up those empty spaces like it always does. With this incredible update making its way soon in Microsoft Windows 10 mobile, it is wise that you start searching for new mobile offers and deals to save your hard earned money.

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