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The favourite part of any room, to many, is undoubtedly the window. Giving you an opportunity to inhale the fresh air, welcoming the sun rays right into your home, allowing you to enjoy the rains with your hot cup of tea or the perfect venue to get lost in your thoughts – A window is your daily getaway to start the day or to rejuvenate for the day to come. Now such a special part of your room does deserve special attention, doesn’t it? So here are some window decorating ideas to accentuate the pet corner of your room.

Go Green

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The best place for small indoor plants is the window sill. Plants get to enjoy their moment in the sun while you get creative in placing them there. This does not occupy a lot of space in your rooms and you can still maintain your green quotient.

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Challenge your artistic mind to come up with refreshing ideas of plant display. Create a two-level plant shelf with an attractive display of greens or just stick to basics by placing the plants in attractive pots. This window decorating idea is a winner all along!

Play with Glass

frosted glass for rooms @TheRoyaleIndia

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Though frosted glass is typically used for bathroom windows, it does not stop you from experimenting with other rooms. Choose an elegant design or a completely funky one based on the room, theme and your personality.

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This will give your room an identity you can only imagine. You get your privacy without blocking the light. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Innovation personified!

Customize with Decals

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If playing with glass does not suit your budget or you want to customize a rented apartment, window decals or stickers are your answer. Add to the aesthetic appeal with colourful and chic window decals. And for those who need to change the look as per their mood or seasons, this is an excellent option as it is not very difficult to peel it off and replace it with a new one. So go ahead and try out this option today!

Go for the stars

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Light up your nights and your spirits with decorative lights. On a tired day with gloomy skies, decorative lights will surely cheer you up. You can use different sequences and different types of innovative lights available in store to explore this option.

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Twinkle lights, white lights, coloured lights, the list is endless. A beautiful display in the focus of these lights, will be marvellous.

Scarf the windows

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If you already have curtains or sheers, you can further dress up the window by using scarfs. They are used to loop over and drape around the curtain rod thereby adding elegance and style to your room. Your choice of fabric and colour will also play a pivotal role in enhancing the look further. Add a dash of grace and romance to this special corner of your room, with this decoration tip.


beads for windows @TheRoyaleIndia


For the creative bugs, you could try to create some window decoration yourself. Paint a fabric as per your aesthetic sense and use it for window covering, reuse your favourite bedsheet as a curtain, use some stylish tieback for curtains, create your own blinds for the windows and many such other styles. You could use beads to create a dazzling curtain or try to make best out of the unused in your home. Options with DIY are endless. You just need to start exploring.

You can always resort to traditional ways of decorating the windows with beautiful curtains, stylish blinds, sheers or drapes. But try our recommendations, if you want to get out of the monotony and expand your horizon.

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