Will.i.am and Marc Benioff launch a smartwatch

October 15, 2014 Will.i.am and Marc Benioff launch a smartwatch @TheRoyaleIndia 283 0 0

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Believe it or not, Black Eyed Peas singer/ DJ/ entrepreneur, will.i.am, will be launching a smartwatch with the enterprise cloud software company called Salesforce.com, this Saturday. The launch will be held in a huge customer conference. Will.i.am has his own company for fashion/ tech called i.am+. Salesforce.com did mention that i.am+ is one of the four companies to get backing from the the fund (the other three being- DocuSign, Insidesales.com and Skuid).

Will.i.am and CEO of salesforce.com, Marc Benioff, have apparently been testing the smartwatch for weeks. Will.i.am also wore during one of his DJ gigs. Will.i.am thinks that the concept of a smartwatch has been all wrong since the beginning. During an interview with Marc Benioff he said, “This conversation that we’re having approximately wearables, the thing on your wrist that talks to your phone, that’s not the future. There’s no reason why the thing on your wrist shouldn’t be able to do everything. There’s no reason for it to talk to a phone at all.” According to will.i.am, the smartwatch should be able to stream music and receive calls.

will.i.am @TheRoyaleIndia

Yes we know there is this sudden surge of smartwatches, but hey! If the watch doesn’t have the annoying connectivity problems with a phone and can stream music, we can’t wait to buy it. The price has not been disclosed yet but should be available to buyers soon.

If this doesn’t excite you then you should know that Apple is releasing a new OS along with new MACs and iPads. Yay for technology!

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