When SRK and Arnub were ‘barely’ yet frankly speaking

October 15, 2014 When SRK and Arnub were ‘barely’ yet frankly speaking @TheRoyaleIndia 722 0 0

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Let’s be frank; we’re always ready to take on the most funniest people who without any doubt always manage to tickle our bones. For e.g. a female spoof of Rajnikanth is surely to go bonkers on social media. The most buzzing and viral videos we’ve seen so far are all on the most witty, hilarious, madcap and controversial personalities.

Now here’s a video where we see SRK at his wackiest best along with the over expressive Arnub Goswami (who apparently is greatly obsessed with ‘his’ show) has just killed it with his bang on sense of humor. With over 50K views and innumerable crazy comments this video is absolutely killing the YouTube charts. Whattay talk show!!! who’s going to ever miss it!!!

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