What to Wear While Travelling: The Art of Being Stylishly Comfortable

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Choosing clothes for travelling often feature at the end of your to-do list. You keep this task for the night before. This not only leads to some wrong choices but also unnecessarily increases the proportion of your luggage. The art of dressing is a subtle one. Dressing on the go, when you have a plane to catch or a country to explore is a higher form of that art. A number of factors play detrimental roles in coming up with an answer to what you should wear for travelling. The clothes you choose have to be comfortable. At the same time, they must be appropriate for the place you are visiting. Because you may have to go through half the city before you reach your hotel. Or, you may love to tour the new place in the travel clothes before calling it a day. The clothes you wear should also be reusable throughout the trip, cutting some of the bulk of the travelling bag. Another factor is whether the things you wear for travelling go well with the other pieces you carry. This way you will have more dressing option at hand. Here follows some insight into men, women and kids travel dressing to help you out.

1. Dressing Tips for the travelling Fashionista

i.Choose Less Revealing Clothes: A plunging neckline and extremely distressed jeans might not be the best travelling attires. Depending on where you are off to, you might like to visit a temple, pagoda or shrine, where revealing outfits are subject to taboo. Also, the cities you are travelling to might have a more conservative ambiance. Find out about these little nuances while choosing your travel-wear. Maxi kurtas, maxi dresses, ankle-length A-line dresses, full sleeve blouses, and trousers are some safer choices. For this same reason, you might like to keep a scarf with you as many religious establishments ask visitors to cover their heads.

ii.: Two-way shirts or Reversible shirts are in fashion. Plus, they are versatile and pragmatic. When you wear them inside out with a different pair of jeans, you get a completely different set to flaunt. Choose one which has different colours on the inside and outside. Reversible shirts with a checked and a solid side are also recommendable.

iii. Wear Your Bulkier footwear on the Go: Planning to pack your favourite, plush sneakers with you? Or, maybe you don’t see a point in travelling without your new swanky ankle boots? These types of footwear can take up a lot of space. Wearing them during travelling can save you some space and help you look chic as well.

iv.Be Caped: Gone are the days when women needed saviours who wore capes. But, capes themselves can give you some remarkable dressing help. Capes come in many styles from sheer ones to heavy, comfy ones. Throw a cape over your traveling basics like jeans and white shirt for a cool yet casual look. Capes are also good for saving you from the chill at airport terminals.

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v.Turtleneck, Jackets, and Shrugs: Travelling in winter calls for woollens. Smart layering can be the other option you can try. Turtlenecks look good on most body-types especially if topped by winter jackets. Invest in a leather jacket as it is equally comfortable and stylish. You may also choose to wear a printed jacket over tee-shirt and slim-fit jeans. You will also get a stunning variety in the shrugs section. The long-line shrugs offer a sleek and cosmopolitan look to the wearers. They are also good for beating the slightly chilly weather. Travelling to colder regions? Keep a beany in your handbag to save the head from catching a cold and splitting into headaches.

vi. Go for the Unusual: Have a really vibrant top or a dress in a flamboyant colour? You cannot wear them as regular wear. Pick them as for travelling and pair them with black or white neutrals for a sober yet fun look.

2.Dressing Tips for the Men with Wanderlust

Holidays should not be an excuse for sloppy dressing. If you are a man who wants to look his best without giving up on comfort, the following points might be of help.

i.Keep Away from College-Guy Basics: The airport terminal is not your living room. Dressing in shorts, oversized tee-shirts and flip-flops are not just unsuitable, but it is also disrespectful towards your fellow travellers. Clean, simple basics are what you should stick to.

ii.Chinos and polo-tees: While travelling you don’t want to look too stiff-necked or formal. Comfort is your priority. Well-fitted chinos are comfortable and stretchy options of covering for the legs. Pair them with polo-neck tee-shirts. You can also select a casual, rolled sleeve shirt for the purpose.

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iii. Crew Neck Sweaters: The crew neck sweaters in white, black or grey are classic pieces which can be dressed up or down as you need. Wear them with khakis and a jacket for colder weathers and a semi-formal outcome.

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iv. Accessorise: Wear a statement leather watch with your casual attire to look more suave and gentlemanly. Loafers and sneakers can be your choice of shoes for travelling.

3.Dressing Tips for the On-the-Go Munchkins

i.Cutesy Two Pieces: Onesies might look adorable, but they are not very ideal for travelling kids. Getting kids out of onesies require privacy which is sometimes unavailable during travels. Make your toddlers wear two-piece clothing like tees and skirts or leggings. This way if they dirty the pants only that needs to be changed. If they puke on the tee shirt, you can swiftly change that piece.

ii.Soft and Non-allergic Fabrics: While getting your kids ready for travelling leave alone the net dresses and frilly frocks alone. Soft, non-itchy materials which are gentle on their skin win hands down here.

iii. Hoodies and Jackets: Hoodies not just look lovely but also saves your little rock-stars from catching cold. Unlike other woollens and caps, they don’t mind keeping the hood on. Jackets are also good for layering, offering stylish protection against cold, in case you are going to a chillier foreign locale or a hill station.

Travelling with kidsis always a daunting task. These tips will help you pack right for them

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