What Makes these 8 Eye-Liners and Kajals So Popular: Reviews and Customer Opinions

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From 10,000 BC till date, the desire to highlight the window to the soul, our eyes, has remained the same. Even the lost eras of Egyptian and Mesopotamian glory bear testimony to the craze for darkening the rims of eyes with a blackened substance. Through the passage of time the dark kohl containing harmful lead transformed into the skin and eco-friendly eye-liners and kajal available in gel, stick and liquid forms. Eye-liners are the perfect choice for experimenting with the appearance of eyes and Kajal enhances the depth of the peepers, adorning them with an enigmatic charm. Stylish women keep both in their makeup kit for designing fresh and astounding looks for themselves. Naturally, some of these products are rated higher than others in their list of preferences. We, at Couponraja.in, have interviewed some brilliant fashionistas from different walks of life to gather information on the most popular eye-liners and kajals in the market. Here follows our detailed review of 8 such products and reasons of their popularity as learnt from real life users.

1. L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H

No matter whether one is an eye-makeup pro or a novice apprentice, the L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza 36H offers equal ease of use to both. It comes in a small jar with golden lid plus long applicator brush with soft and conveniently shaped high precision bristle. This gel eye-liner is available in five attractive colors, Profound Black, Diamond Black, Chic Brown, Royal Blue and Sapphire Blue. It combines the simplicity of a pencil eye-liner with the long-staying capacity of a gel formula. L’oreal Paris Super Liner Gel promises to last fresh and stunning for 36 hours. This tear and sweat resistant gel eyeliner is smudge and waterproof, enabling you to travel, work and party without a trace of worry about looking like a raccoon. Its gel formula prevents unseemly crease formation underneath the eyes, making you look as fresh as when you put on the makeup in the morning. Another excellent benefit of using this eye-liner gel is that it does not get rubbed off easily. As a result, it will not get spread on your eye-lids, spoiling the eye-makeup. Its soft and smooth texture lets users draw thin to thick lines with one swift stroke, requiring little to no touch-ups. Despite being so long lasting it is not difficult to remove this liner with the help of makeup removers. Check out the price here.

Customer Speak
Prajna swears by the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel 36H Profound Black because to her experience it lasts for about 10 to 12 hours as fresh as applied. The dark black of this eye-liner not just gives Prajna’s big doe eyes a more graceful look but also suits her wheatish Indian skin tone. She also enjoys doing traditional winged eye makeup with its help. Being smudge proof, it is a good choice for girls like her who has little time to do cleaning and touch up in the middle of work.

2. Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Eye Liner

The Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Eye Liner has made its place in the purse of many women by the sheer power of its lovely, intense colour. It comes in a small, easy to carry a purple conical shaped bottle with a thin applicator dipped into it. The V-shaped lid cum applicator handle provides a good grip and sufficient control over the flow of the application. The rich formula of the 9 to 5 Impact Eye Liner offers the darkest black one can imagine. Its silky texture is not too thick or watery, offering the perfect consistency needed for flawless eye makeup. Another plus point of this eyeliner is that it gets dried in a jiffy, offering an eye-shadow like creamy soft finish. Its non-shiny colour pay off makes it ideally suited to office environments. As it lasts for more than 6 to 7 hours without re-application, the Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Eye-Liner gives you the chance to enjoy life to the fullest without rushing to the washroom or checking your eye makeup repeatedly in the mirror. Its easy glide consistency minimizes the chance of uneven lines, letting you jazz up the work to party look at the snap of the fingers. Shop it here.

Customer Speak
Pranita prefers the Lakme 9 to 5 Impact Eye Liner for everyday use. She feels that its long-lasting, water-resistant formula and dark black colour meets her makeup requirements perfectly. Due to a busy daily routine, she gets little time for elaborate makeup rituals. This eye-liner enlivens her eyes in a minute’s time and looks fresh for several hours.

3. Lakme Absolute Shine Liquid Eye-Liner

The Lakme Absolute Shine Liquid Eye-Liner is a water-based eye-liner that comes in a lightweight, glossy, metal finish cylindrical container. The tube container has been made in such a way that air cannot get inside to dry the liquid eye-liner when unused for a long while. The liner brush is attached to the lid of the tube itself. The soft applicator bristle of this brush is a dream to use as it glides easily on the eye-lid allowing users to draw the perfect cat eye or dramatic wings. The Lakme Absolute Shine Liquid Eye-Liner has a nearly matte finish without the presence of shimmer or glitter. The colour looks close to a greyish black on drying. With just one stroke you will get intense colour pay off without any need to reapply the liner. Despite having a matte finish, this eye-liner doesn’t look dry or form crease lines beneath the eye. Its polymer formula makes it last for a long time making it the right choice for daily wear. Own this beautiful Eye-Liner on heavy discount here.

Customer Speak
According to Mahalaxmi Lakme Absolute Shine Liquid Eye-Liner is the best eye-liner that she has ever used. She loves its slightly glossy texture yet dark and classy colour pay off. The two main plus points of this product that she has noted are its smudge proof quality and water resistance. Even after getting drenched in the rain this eye-liner doesn’t start to bleed like the other ones, ruining her makeup.

4. Lakme Insta Eye-Liner
The water-resistant Lakme Insta Eye-Liner is a favourite of many due to its magnificently sleek packaging and amazing quality. The cost-effective eye-liner comes in a transparent container that is similar to the nail polish bottles. The thin and effective applicator brush is attached conveniently with its lid which can be gripped comfortably. The stark black colour it provides does not fade a bit even after hours under the sun. Lakme has used a water-resistant formula in this product that prevents smearing, smudging and spreading efficiently. The medium consistency of the eye-liner makes it easier to apply and style in a variety of ways. Since its finish is powdery matte, those who prefer a subtle, non-glossy look will like it. All in all, the Lakme Insta Eye-Liner is suited to regular makeup and styling. Make it yours Now by clicking here!

Customer Speak
Vidyashri loves the Lakme Insta Eye-Liner for a number of reasons. For her, the prime reason of its superiority is the intense matte finish that it offers, unlike most others. Moreover, this eye-liner is pocket-friendly and fits her budget easily. She also admires it for its water-resistant formula. The waterproof eyeliners do not come off easily on washing the face, but this eye-liner can be washed off with a single rinse with face wash. Gauri also likes the Lakme Insta Eye-Liner for its unique matte finish and long lasting ability.

5. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel

Another beloved gel eye-liner formulation, the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel offers charismatic colour pay off and hours of durability. Its gel-based formula has a smooth texture which any amateur can easily spread along the upper lid without unevenness. The super concentrated gel eyeliner does not contain any oil or oily substance, preventing skin irritation. Being lightweight and highly pigmented, the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is the right choice for wedding and party makeup. It comes in a small container with a lovely soft bristled brush applicator with a slanted edge. The convenience of the slanted brush allows users to create a dramatic smokey effect. Both ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, this eye liner gel is perfectly safe for all skin type including those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Customer Speak
Vidyashri enjoys using the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel instead of liners and kajals. She especially loves the unique container and gel liner brush that provides extreme ease of application. Though the container looks small, its gel content lasts for a long time offering value for money utility. We found this one at Nykaa for you and it’s on discount too.

6. L’oreal Paris MagiqueKajal Bold

Marketed by the house of L’oreal, the internationally famous makeup brand, the MagiqueKajal Bold is their most ardently black kohl. It contains concentrated 25% extra black pigments for offering a smooth and creamy colour that none can match. Its silken texture makes it easy to apply on the lids. The MagiqueKajal Bold stays fresh and smudge proof for around 14 hours, making it the perfect travel companion for divas. Just one to two strokes of this kajal offers ample payoff on the waterline of eyes. It can also be used on the upper eye-lid for a dramatic effect. The non-transfer kajal does not get on your hands or handkerchief. The water-resistant kajal will not wash off due to sweating or splashing water on the face. It is a great aid to women who are always on the go as it takes just a blink of the eye to wear it in any enticing style. Lovely isn’t it? Buy your MagiqueKajal here.

Customer Speak
Kritigha admires the L’oreal Paris MagiqueKajal Bold for it is easy to carry, twist and apply packaging. She also mentions that this kajal lasts for 7 to 8 hours and does not get smudged even on the sultriest days.

7. Lotus Herbal Crème Kohl EcostayKajal

The Lotus Herbal Crème Kohl EcostayKajal is known for adding an enticing appeal to the eyes. The slim pencil like kajal stick comes with a cap that covers the kajal inside and protects it from breaking or drying. The twistable stick easily offers good grip for an unperturbed application. The creamy texture of this kajal doesn’t make the eyes watery or itchy. It never gets stuck at any point during the application. The water-resistant kajal does not wither away for twelve hours. Those who have to work for long hours or stay out in the sun often can benefit from this smudge-proof kajal stick. Tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists this kohl stick is free from preservatives, animal fat, and paraffin. It is absolutely safe to be applied by anyone.

Customer Speak
Pranita uses the Lotus Herbal Crème Kohl EcostayKajal for its smooth, painless application and creamy texture. Mahalaxmi too has been using this kajal for a long while as she likes the dark kohl colour it offers and the lasting effect it has on her eyes. Her big doe eyes get appropriately emphasized without looking over the top by its application.

8. Avon True Color GlimmerstickKajal

The Avon True Color GlimmerstickKajal contains a buttery, vitamin enriched formulation that gets applied in a jiffy without halting or scratching. With this kajal in hand, one need not pull or tug at the skin around the eyes for applying. A major plus point of this kajal is that it can be used as an alternative to eye-liners. The gentle formula of this kajal is water proof, fade proof and smudge proof at the same time. As a result, it looks radiant and untouched even after many hours. The Avon True Color GlimmerstickKajal is available in four shades of Boldest Black, Deep Navy, Deep Plum and Burnt Olive, widening the spectrum of users endowed with different skin tones. Those who have fair skin can carry the Deep Navy and Deep Plum shades spectacularly. Those with medium to whitish skin tone can try the Boldest Black and Burnt Olive shades without hesitations. Shop it here.

Customer Speak
Gauri is fond of Avon True Color GlimmerstickKajal because of its concentrated dark pigmentation and smudge proof long stay formula which is rare in kajals. Gauri finds this kajal helpful in drawing winged lines on the upper lid. It creates the perfect creaseless finish for her much loved the smoky-eyed look.

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