What Have You Got To Say About The New Maruti Suzuki Celerio?

February 7, 2014 Maruti Suzuki unveils Celerio @TheRoyaleIndia 548 0 0

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Heard about the Zen Estilo and the A-star before? Yes, you probably did. But, unfortunately the duo failed to make it to the spotlight. Trying to fill up the empty space, Maruti Suzuki recently unveiled the Celerio, a car that claims to be a step ahead of it’s predecessors. In terms of looks, the front may remind you of the Toyota Etios, while the rear seems to be inspired by the Alto 800. Have a closer look and you may also get a glimpse of the Zen Estilo.

Of course, the Celerio may not be the most beautiful car on the planet, but is quite different from Maruti Suzuki’s previous offerings. However, the magic lies on the inside. The steering wheel, the AC vents seem to be adopted from Swift. The cabin has a decent amount of storage space and the Dashboard is just like the one seen in Ritz. With decent headroom and legroom on the rear, individuals over 6 feet won’t really face a problem. Other standard features include auto-locking doors, rear defogger, immobiliser and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors to name a few.

Driving a small car around those corners can be exciting, but with low-grip tyres, the Celerio may not help you too much with that. However, the car does promises to main stability even at high speeds.

Though not completely different, the Celerio seems to be a perfect replacement to the A-star. Moreover, it is also the cheapest automatic car in the country. So, you probably have a handful of reason to get yourself behind the wheels, isn’t it?

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