5 Getaways From Mumbai for the Upcoming Long Weekend

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The Monday blues have suddenly vanished and the dreaded weekdays have now become bearable. All thanks to the long weekend, which is coming soon to take all our misery away! After a long time with most of the holidays falling on weekends, this long weekend is a much-awaited vacation for everyone. So, if you need a refreshing break from the mediocrity of our daily routines, then pack your bags and set off to any of these locations for a wonderful weekend!

Lonar Crater (600 km)

lonar crater lake @TheRoyaleIndia

source: mumbaitravellers.in | credits: Ms. Vishakha Shah

Located in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district near Aurangabad, Lonar lake was formed by a meteor. Lonar lake is the 3rd largest crater in the world which has now become a beautiful sight for many tourists and travellers.

lonar lake @TheRoyaleIndia

source: flickr.com

Adventure junkies can go on treks in the area and the lazy bums can just lay back and enjoy the view of the beautiful blue lake surrounded by greenery and low mountains. The location is also rich with flora and fauna and wildlife which will keep you entertained throughout your stay near this one-of-a-kind location in the country.

How to get there: Get on the Tapovan express on the Mumbai-Nanded line and alight at Jalna station. You can either take a bus or a taxi from there to Lonar lake which is 90 km away.

Best place to stay: MTDC Resort, Lonar.

Tarkarli (568 Km)

tarkarli beach @TheRoyaleIndia

 source: indiantravels.com

For all the beach bums who are too tired of Goa, Tarkarli is just the place to go. White sand, pristine blue water, and not a soul to be spotted, Tarkarli has one of the best beaches in the country.

sindhudurg fort @TheRoyaleIndia

 source: malvansunnsand.com 

Located in the Sindhudurg district, Tarkarli is a small village which is just 4 km away from Malvan. Good locals, great food and pretty scenery, there’s nothing Tarkarli doesn’t have that won’t amuse you. A hidden gem with not many tourists in sight, those who desire some peace and quiet should definitely head here.

Scuba diving in Tarkarli @TheRoyaleIndia

 source: buzzintown.com 

P.S. Tarkarli has Maharashtra’s only scuba diving training centre and a dip in the water to witness the beautiful underwater life is a must.

How to get there: You can take either a Konkan Express or Mandovi Express train from Mumbai and alight at Kudal. Take a bus from Kudal to Tarkarli which is 45 km away.

Best place to stay: MTDC Resort, Tarkarli.

Mahabaleshwar (263 km)

source: wikipedia.org

This mainstream hill station of Maharashtra becomes a great deal prettier just after the monsoon clouds drift away. This popular holiday spot looks gorgeous this time of the year and attracts many vacationers who desire a quiet and peaceful time surrounded by hills and greenery.

venna lake mahabaleshwar @TheRoyaleIndia

 source: wikipedia.org

Visit to the Venna lake, witnessing the wondrous view below from the Connaught peak, shopping for jams and honey at the mapro market and going horse riding are just few of the things you can do to keep yourself entertained.

Hot to get there: It is advisable to take a direct bus from Pune to Mahabaleshwar.

Best place to stay: Evershine Resort.

Bhimashankar (222 km)

source: mouthshout.com

For those who desire a spiritual break to feel close to the almighty, Bhimashankar in the Sahyadri hills is the place to go. A Pilgrimage to this wondrous place to take the blessings of one of Shiva’s Jyotirlingas is the most peaceful thing anyone could do on this long weekend.

bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary @TheRoyaleIndia

source: ghumakkadjigyasu.blogspot.com

That’s not all, Bhimashankar also has a wildlife sanctuary which attracts many nature lovers and trekkers to explore the raw beauty of this place.

How to get there: The nearest railway station to Bhimashankar is Pune. You can get buses directly from Mumbai or Pune to Bhimashankar.

Best place to stay: Blue Mormon.

Kolad (117 km)

kolad river rafting @TheRoyaleIndia

source: flycatcherholidays.com

The adventure seekers should definitely head towards the Kundalika river which flows through Kolad. Popular for camping and adventure sports, Kolad is for those who long that adrenaline rush which is otherwise missing from our mediocre daily life.

kolad tents @TheRoyaleIndia

source: cntraveller.in

Sunset kayaking in the still waters, speed boats, river crossing, visit to the waterfalls in the area, trekking, mountain biking and white water rafting are a few of the activities that will occupy you for the duration of your stay. Waking up in a tent in front of the river, with the kayaks just waiting for you to jump onto them for another round in the river! *Sighs* Isn’t that what life is all about?

How to get there: You can get a train from Diva station on the central line to Roha station. From Roha take a rickshaw or bus to Kolad which is 13 km away.

Best place to stay: Wilder West Adventures.

Just take your pick, pack your bags, rush off without a moment’s hesitation and you will have a Happy Weekend for sure!.

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