4 Stylish Ways You Can Tie A Scarf

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Scarves are the latest “in” things. They are touted to be the best fashion accessory with a versatile nature; one piece of cloth and multiple uses. A scarf is a revival of old classical fashion trends. This is the best time to get your scarves outside with winter being just round the corner. Save your luscious locks with scarves or just drape it on your shoulders to save yourself from the cold winds. Instantly add flair to your look and to your wardrobe.

Select from a wide range of designs and colures. Various scarves add the oomph to your occasions in the most appropriate manner. Incorporating scarves will jazz up your outfit and add class to it. You must always have a stack of scarves in your wardrobe. A silk scarf should be your staple. A go to weapon to make your outfit appropriate for any event.


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All you need to learn is to try a scarf neatly on your head. The style adds quirkiness and the romanticism of the 60’s era. Section your bangs carefully. Doing so will also enhance your hairline and will get the spotlight on your beautiful tresses.

scarf curly hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: bluejay-lisse.tumblr.com

Opt for a beautiful scarf. Team this up with a simple and sombre look. Curl up your hair and that’ll add the oomph.

  • Take a scarf long enough to tie a knot

  • Place the scarf on your head and tie the ends

  • Secure the knot under your hair or let it loose as you desire

Swirl and Twirl

scarf beautiful hairdo @TheRoyaleIndia

Once you have mastered the headband look, this is your next go-to look. But honestly, there’s nothing to master in the first one exactly! This one is a saviour for those bad hair days we all dread! Just adjust the knot and twirl the small sections of hair around the scarf. You can either go for a half up and half down look by leaving half of the hair loose. Or go for an absolutely chick bun look by wrapping all the tresses around it.

As rumours have it, this also proves to be a great trick to curl your hair without any heat! 😉 Ergo, bye-bye bad hair and hello to beautiful curls!

Bag Belt

tie scarf on bag stylish @TheRoyaleIndia

Not all styles are just for your hair. This one is especially for your expensive handbags. More than as a fashion accessory, we see this as a utility. You never know when you need a scarf to change your look or cover your head! Learn to tie beautiful knots and go creative while uplifting the look of your BAGWATI.

scarf tied handbags @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: uglytruthofv.com

Ensure, that the scarf adds the required oomph. Go for an Aztec print for a demure bag and go for a subtle one if it is printed.

Vest Style

vest style scarf wrap @TheRoyaleIndia

A simple scarf is all you need. Tie the ends and enjoy the make-shift scarves. The internet is full of variants. Whenever you get bored just pick a scarf and get clicked in your new fashion forward diva avatar.

scarf with belt @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: lisaangel.co.uk

Easiest and the cheapest way to change your look and make it more peppy. The only pro tip we can offer you is to get creative and never cease to experiment with this tiny piece of cloth.

Have a happy winter and scarf-it up this winter.

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