Couponing Websites – A Marketing Technique for New and Upcoming Websites

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Got a new website? Then, plan a comprehensive marketing strategy by including couponing. It is because coupons can be one of the most efficient sales techniques to employ.

You may plan an effective sales strategy with couponing. They can create a drastic impact on the number of potential buyers for your services and products. Online coupons are an excellent way to attract new clients who are unaware of your business and services. If you combine couponing in your marketing technique, then you are not just able to promote your new business, but would also be able to drive in new customers and impress them with your product range.

So, if used wisely, then coupons can result in an efficient marketing strategy that can bring maximum revenue to your business.

Do you Know that Customers Feel Happy about the Concept of Online Coupons?

According to a recent study, coupons create a direct impact on the minds of individuals and make them feel happy. People who receive discounts or coupons are happier than those who didn’t receive it. So, if you want your business to grow, then you must consider the customer satisfaction, which can be maximized easily with coupons.

With happy and satisfied customers, you can have better reviews for you website and they are more likely to come back again to buy your products and services. If you are able to enhance the overall experience of customer satisfaction, then your customers would sign up for your newsletters and emails, and will also try to bring new customers. In short, couponing creates a great positive impact on your new website and retaining customers and you could use it wisely to maintain consistency in your business sales.

How to Select the Right Coupon for your New Business?

You must select offerings for your business depending on the economics of your local business and the things that are attractive to the clients. First, consider the expenditure of acquisition. Estimate the cost you are presently spending to target a noble customer and how much the customer would be able to repay you. By calculating these metrics, you can always consider couponing schemes that are profitable to your business.

Secondly, consider the pattern of your customers and how often they are coming back to you. Also, check how much your customers are willing to spend over your products. Once, you get a positive figure to attract new customer for your business, then it implies that your couponing scheme will bring you positive results.

If you wish to target novel customers, then you need to pay the remaining cost and use the coupons as an incentive to get most for your business. Once you start gaining success, you can expand your strategy and reach wider audience through Twitter, Facebook or via emails.

The Various Types of Coupons or Offers to Use

There are innumerable ways to use these coupons in order to offer customers with great deals, acquire them, and increase your business’s conversions. Here are some of the most popular forms of coupons and discount offers that you may employ in order to promote your new or upcoming website.

1. Weekly / Monthly Coupons to Meet Revenue Targets

This is an excellent method to increase sales and particularly ideal for those who have a new business. You can begin by introducing a weekly discount scheme to your target audience and once they start looking forward to your business, then you can always introduce discount coupons on a monthly basis. This way, you would be able to meet your projections and goals efficiently and that too without experiencing any loss.

2. Prelaunch Discount Coupons

If you have not started with your website yet and still are in the prelaunch state, then this can be an effective way to promote your new product. With prelaunch offers you can always drive in customers for your offerings and peak your business from the very initial stage. For example, you can offer a free product to those who share your website prior to its launch.

3. Abandon Cart Coupons

If your site has able to bring in customers successfully, but is not able to offer them with a rich shopping experience, then you may use the abandon cart coupon scheme. This can be a powerful tactic to target interested people. Lure with coupons all the cart-abandoners to go through checkout and your sales can shoot up. You can always customize this scheme as per your business and convenience to make sure you move only in positive direction.

4. Free Coupons for Liking, Sharing, and Following on Social Platforms

One of the most difficult challenges of a new website business is to get more clientele base. If you offer customers and visitors with an incentive to share your business with their social networks, then this is going to attract them and would bring some reliable word of mouth for your business. For example, you can always offer visitors some discount on purchase in exchange for their liking and sharing the website’s social page.

5. Seasonal or Holiday Coupons

This is one of the most prevalent coupon schemes that almost every business adopts in order to attract customers and cover up their lost sales for the past months. New Year, festivity celebration, and more such occasions come throughout the year. You can consider it as an excellent chance to boost your sales and offer your customers with great festive discount coupons that can be used to stretch revenues and sales.

6. Newsletter Subscription Coupons

For a new website, building an email list is quite difficult and challenging, but it is important for the business to grow and survive. By offering a discount coupon in exchange for visitor’s email address, not only you would be able to boost your chances of a conversion, but it would also offer an opportunity to get sync with their emails. This way, you can always send promotional offers to the customers through emails and can even aware them about new services and products in the future.

7. Referral Coupons

People usually prefer shopping from websites and stores, which are referred to them by their friends or relatives. You can use this as an advantage for your new website business by giving a great deal to people referring your site to others. The other way, is to give discount to both those who are referring and those who are being referred.

8. Minimum Purchase Coupon

A discount on the total bill of the shopping is an effective strategy to encourage customers to spend more. This is great in increasing the overall size of the order. You can use this coupon scheme strategically in your business by calculating the value of couple of orders in the previous month and then offer a discount on the purchase equal or above it. By offering discounts on minimum purchase you are not only getting benefitted, but is even offering your customers a great deal. This will boost your customer satisfaction to a great extent. If there is any specific collection that you want the customers to focus on, then you may include that category in the minimum purchase list.

9. First Time Shopping Coupon

An excellent scheme for the new website is to offer users with an amazing offer on the first time purchase. This way, more customers will come to your business and if they like your product range, then more likely they would become your regular customers.

10. Customer Loyalty Coupons

With customer loyalty coupons, you can build a robust bond and also offer great discounts to clients that have already purchased from your online store. You can easily prepare discount schemes exclusive to particular groups of clients. All you need to do is, send discount emails only to your loyal customers with help of an automated email marketing tool. If a customer is already loyal to you, then you must definitely reward him with great deals.

11. Social Coupons

You may offer exclusive coupons on your social networks as it can help develop a strong relationship with those that are your regular followers. When you will reward such followers, then they will definitely bring in new customers and ask them to subscribe your channels. This is excellent for marketing your business and increasing your business sales to a great extent.

12. Last Minute Offer

You can give your customers a chance to shop from your business right at the time when they are leaving your website. With a last minute offer popping on your website, you can present your visitors with the last chance to shop from your website and check out the best deals.

13. Exclusive Coupons

When you partner with people who influence the social groups, such as bloggers, celebrities, and more, then you can always get maximum exposure for your business. This way you can convert the existing fans or followers of such influential personalities into customers for your business’s products and sales.

14. Retargeting Coupons

These coupons are effective as you can reveal them only to individuals who have visited your site once and who are ready to purchase from your offerings. These ads cater as a reminder to such visitors and make them visit your site again in order to avail another great shopping experience at your website.

9 Tips for Effective Couponing

You may include any or more types of coupons as per your marketing strategy. But make sure you use them effectively. Here are some tips that you may follow for effective couponing!

  • Create Solid Offers – You can offer discounts, bonuses, premiums, or free items to those who purchase from your website. Just make sure you are offering your customers a great deal and one which is better than that being offered by your competitors.

  • Use Influential, Bold, and Clear Headlines – Your coupon headline is the first thing to be noticed by your customers. Make sure your coupon has a bold and interesting headline that clearly states about the scheme and about your services. The customers must get a clear idea about your business and what benefit they will avail by just having a glance at the coupon.

  • Use Photographs or Illustrations – Since you are a new website, you must therefore always use photographs or illustrations of your top-rated products that can generate a desire to purchase within the customers.

  • Use Your Website Logo – Make sure you include your company’s logo in the coupon in order to create awareness and identification of your company or website among the individuals. This lends credibility, boosts your company’s brand, and enhances response.

  • Highlight the Benefits – ‘Protect your family’, ‘Save Money’, ‘Be more Happier’, all these are few examples of benefits that you must highlight in your coupon. The coupon must inform people the benefits they would achieve if they buy your product or hire your service.

  • Effectively Use Advertising Phrases – “Free, Simple, Results, Fast, Profit, Save,” are some of the advertising phrases that quickly attract customer’s attention. You may use these phrases wisely in order to grab attention of the customers.

  • Reach Out to Audience through Social Platforms – Facebook Ads are known to increase revenues to a great extent, but only if they are used and shared wisely. You can use these ads to drill down the audience that you want to reach. You can target customers according to different categories and bring to their notice the joy of shopping from your website.

  • Capture your customer list – Ignoring your customer list can be the biggest mistake that you would do in your business. It is the biggest asset for promoting your business, and hence, you must keep in intact.

  • Plan Mobile Marketing Strategy – Since, mobile and customers are directly linked, so it is essential to plan advertising strategies that can target customers via mobiles.

Create Effective Coupons to Boost your Business

Couponing can work wonders for a new website or a business venture if based on an intelligent and comprehensive plan. With active couponing it is possible for websites to target new customers and offer them with reasons to come back again. The best thing is that couponing is quite cheaper and simpler than other marketing techniques. So, don’t wait more? Go forth and start couponing!

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