Ways to include Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil in your everyday Make Up

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Firstly, let’s look five benefits of the Cococare vitamin E Oil for the skin and nails

1) It acts as a moisturiser and helps rejuvenate damaged skin

2) It boosts the production of collagen reducing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles that are signs of aging

3) It is rich in antioxidants which help in lightening dark spots

4) It is an excellent cleaning agent

5) Heal’s dry fingernails.

Ways to incorporate into everyday makeup

1) Using this oil to apply before applying moisturiser and use it right before you go to sleep. It will act as a night cream. This will help rejuvenate the skin by next morning, and there will be nice glow as well.

Take a bit of this oil in your palm, the Cococare oil is very thick and almost looks like gel. And gently massage it all over your face. Then apply your moisturiser.

2) Use it as a primer for your make up.

Apply a bit of it before you apply your foundation.

Apply the oil first and then apply foundation on it. This will form an excellent base, and the foundations will blend in very well and quickly. It also feels better on the skin with the oil base.

3) Use it as a lip base before applying lipstick.

Use it a bit on the lips before applying them. Just a little is enough as a lip primer.

You can also use this as a lip balm. Apply generously on your lips. It hydrates the lips. It is a bit greasy, but after about 5 mins it absorbs and leaves the lips very soft.

4) It’s also great for removing eye makeup.

Eye makeup is always the toughest thing to remove. Take a bit of this oil on cotton and wipe off your makeup. It helps clean out very thoroughly.

5) Visibly reduce crow’s feet

Crow’s feet a tiny cluster of wrinkles that form around the outer corner of your eyes. And is a sign of aging. Take a small amount and apply on the outer corner of your eye and massage outwards for about 5 min on both eyes.

For effective results use it regularly

This product also claims to reduce blemishes and stretch marks.

The Cococare vitamin e oil comes in a small 15 ml glass bottle. Easy to carry and would comfortably fit in your vanity case.

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