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So we are guessing, you now have the most perfect eye makeup down pat in this weather. But what should one do before applying the kohl or the eyeliner or the mascara? You cannot enter office with perfect eyes but streaks of cream on your face like a warrior preparing herself for a war where the foliage and the camouflage are white.

We should be glad that we live in an age where we get waterproof makeup as easily as points to complain about the government. So, without much further ado let us look at the most important waterproof makeup necessities.


Yes we know most of the makeup we get IS for the face but we mean the base of makeup- you know things such as foundations and concealers and blush-ons and what not.


The most important part of makeup which can make you look as if you just got resurrected from the grave like Lady Stoneheart (Google it) if not worn right. Yeah the waterproof ones are very easily available-

Lakme Nine to Five Liquid Foundation

lakme 9 to 5 makeup @TheRoyaleIndia

Available in four shades to suit every skin tone in India (it is not JUST fair. You hear me Fair and Lovely?!), this foundation is extremely water resistant and gives amazing amount of coverage. If you want a foundation within budget, this is the one.

Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation

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This foundation is not only water resistant, light weight with an excellent coverage but is also long lasting (for upto 6 hours) and has an SPF of 20. It does not make the skin oily at all which means it is perfect for people with oily skin too.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lasting Perfecting Foundation

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This foundation gives medium to heavy coverage and lasts for about 10 hours. You can skip using a concealer with this since it hides scars and blemishes extremely well. Waterproof and fights to save skin from foundation meltdown, this should be in your make up kit even during the dry months.

M.A.C. Face and Body Foundation

m.a.c face and body foundation @TheRoyaleIndia

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Perfect for face and body, this foundation lasts for more than 10 hours. It makes your face look dewy, it does not fade away and of course it is water resistant. Though a little more expensive, it can be used daily.


The entire point of a concealer is that it should conceal certain spots rather than reveal them as a naked baby when water falls on your face –

M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer

mac studio finish concealer @TheRoyaleIndia

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Be it dark circles, moles, spots, scars, blemishes or tattoos, this small little concealer can conceal all that and more. Lightweight, easy to apply, creamy and water resistant, this is a dream come true for all concealer using beauties. The Multipurpose M.A.C. studio finish concealer with SPA 35 is all that you need. Buy it here


But with all the dewy look going on with the concealers and foundations, how do you get that all natural glow look like those annoying actresses dancing in the pouring rain whereas when we look like we are avoiding landmines? With waterproof blushers of course!

Maybelline Mineral Powder Blush

maybelline mineral powder blush @TheRoyaleIndia

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By now you will know that loose powders, creams and stuff which settle into the skin are the best products to beat the rain. This blush gives the exact amount of sheen to those cheekbones (don’t forget to apply little to the T zone for that natural flush). It lasts for hours and doesn’t require much touch ups.

Benefit Benetint

benefit benetint @TheRoyaleIndia

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Tints are the other way to go for opting for water proof makeup. The only downside is to practise with it before stepping out else you will look like a badger (you know if the badger was pink). Tint sets super fast so getting it out when you are running late it becomes a bit of a problem, considering it is also water proof. Else apply little of it and apply powder blush on it so it lasts for more than eight hours. You can also apply it to your lips.

So now that you are well learned and enlightened with so much information about looking good in the rain, it is best to invest in these waterproof make up products as soon as possible. They remain with you during the worst humidity days like your best friend during PMS. We can’t guarantee that your hair flip in the pool will be as graceful as the one you saw on TV (you can practise it with Youtube videos) but we know you will look like da bomb in the water. So go for it girl and see those bitches crying with jealousy with mascara running down their face!

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