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The festival of Holi is round the corner and the environment-conscious monster in you is already sniffing the air for water- wasting mischief makers. This Holi, you can promise yourself that you can enjoy the festival of colours as well as save our precious jal by following these simple tips:

1. Say No To Balloons/Pichkari

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Starting with the obvious… Avoid playing with pichkaris and water balloons this Holi. Overcompensate with extra gulaal, and a little bit of bhaang to make up for the lack of liquids!

2. Go The Natural Way

Holi dry colours @TheRoyaleIndia

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When mom says ‘natural’ is the best option, you know she’s correct! Play with natural colours, as they get scrubbed off quite easily.

3. Take Bath Only After You’re Done

Stop water wastage @TheRoyaleIndia

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You wake up at 8 a.m. and engage in the usual playfulness of Holi with your building friends. Then you take a bath. Then your school friends turn up at your doorstep and before you know it, your hair and face is coloured again! Save some water and energy by taking a bath once you’re sure that all the buffoons with balloons are home themselves.

4. Play Outside The House

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Yes, the excitement of Holi is understandable, but let’s not start throwing gulaal around in the house itself! Make sure you play in a separate area, like the garden, compound, or the hallway… Areas which are easy to clean and don’t require 3-4 washes in order to satisfy the cleanliness freak in you. Save yourself some anxiety, and some water!

5. Choose Darker Clothes

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With this tip, there is a chance that you might evaporate, but on the brighter side, you can save water! Bring out some old dark coloured clothes that have been hiding at the back of your closet, and wear them for your Holi celebrations! Since the colour of your clothes is dark, you won’t need a lot of scrubbing and cleaning to get the stains out which essentially means water saved!

6. Make Oil Your Best Friend

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Hated applying oil in your hair while in school? Well, this time it may be helpful to do so for different reasons. Coat your hair with oil to prevent colours from sticking to your hair. This way, you can rid your hair of the pesky colours in a single wash. Similarly, apply some body lotion such as, a moisturizer and some nail paint so that your skin and nails have a preventive coating.

7. Post-Holi Care

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Building on the previous point, just in case you forgot to apply moisturizer, oil, or nail paint, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply apply some coconut oil on your skin and hair before hitting the shower as it helps to loosen the colour on your skin (no we aren’t being racist!) so that you can wash off the colour with a single wash. No unnecessary water wastage.

8. Spread That Tarpaulin

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If you’re lazy and environment conscious at the same time, one way to keep your conscience as clean as the floor you’re playing on is to spread a tarpaulin or similar material on the floor so that the gulaal and other colours do not touch the floor! You can simply discard the tarpaulin or wash it under the water in a couple of minutes and be done with your cleaning process! You will save a lot of water and energy in the process!

9. Cleaning The Floor

Cleaning house after holi @TheRoyaleIndia

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In case you’re one of those unlucky few who are stuck with the cleaning job and wish to use minimum water to clean up the Holi mess, we have a simple solution. Take two buckets of water, one filled with soapy water and the other with plain water. Soak a sponge with the soapy water and clean the colours off the walls or floor. Next, take another sponge soaked with the plain water and wipe the soapy water. Finally, dry wipe the area to complete the cleaning process. And then pat your back for saving water.

Do use these tips to save water, but make sure you don’t lose out on fun either!

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