Watch out for Google’s next gen chromebooks this summer

May 9, 2014 google next gen chromebook @TheRoyaleIndia 408 0 0

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Laptops running on Google’s chrome operating system are going to hit the market this summer. This next-gen of chrome books will be running on faster Intel micro-processor, the ones that won’t eat into your laptop’s battery life.

This appears to be Google’s attempt to get into the PC and laptop space as a competition to the existing market space of windows. As reported by India Times, it is believed that Microsoft’s long-term allies are looking for exploring other opportunities amidst the two year decline in PC sales. Likewise Microsoft has estranged a few PC makers by coming up with its own tablet named Surface. This move of Microsoft can be noted as its willingness to compete with its PC partners.

Meanwhile, with this move Google is looking at overcoming the perception that Chromebooks are of an inferior quality. In spite of increasing the support for this product, it seems to account only a small space in shipments.

One needs to wait and watch how this next-gen of Chromebook is going to change the laptop world.

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