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With wallpapers available in an assortment of colours, textures and patterns, they have become one of the best ways to add visual emphasis to your home. You can wallpaper an entire room for added drama or select just one wall or ceiling to accentuate and make it the ‘master wall’. The modern wallpapers are so colourful, quirky and chalk-full of pristine designs that these days no one really misses those good old wall paints.

With cute, funny or classic wallpaper designs you can effectively change the way your room looks and that too without spending a good chunk of your money and time. Go playful and add beautiful images (even 3D images) to your home decorating palette.

They come in a variety of textures and give different types of surface finish to your walls. And also not to forget, they come in a different price range to suit every pocket. Let’s have a closer look at the wallpapers that are ideal for different parts of your home.

1. Wallpapers for Living Room

Living Room Wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia


A well – decorated living room gives a warm welcome to visitors and offers a glimpse of the people staying in the house.

Wallpapers For Living Room @TheRoyaleIndia


So, it is crucial that you add oodles of style and opulence to your living room with innovative wallpapers available at physical stores and online e-retailers such as Pepperfry, India Circus, and Fab furnish.

Beautiful Wallpapers Living Room @TheRoyale


You can opt for either of the 3D patterns or classic, floral or contemporary designs according to the overall decor of the room.

2. Wallpapers for Dining Room

Dining Room Wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia


Dining room is a special place where the whole family sits together to enjoy their meals. One should never ignore this important corner of the house.

Natural Wallpaper Dining Room @TheRoyaleIndia


Wallpapers with mesmerizing 3D images are very much in trend these days. With these wallpapers, you can also bring the beauty of nature a tad closer to your dining space.

3. Wallpapers for Bedroom

Bedroom Wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia


Bedroom is a private sanctuary, not open to everyone. So, here you can go bold and let your creativity and imaginations do all the playing.

Wallpapers For Bedroom @TheRoyaleIndia


Natural wallpapers work for those who wish to feel more connected to the awe-inspiring mother-nature and its wonders. If you like you can also go bold with shades of red or purples too; it’s your space, do whatever pleases you.

4. Wallpapers for Kids Rooms

Wallpapers For Kids Room @TheRoyaleIndia


Animal kingdom, racing track, Barbies, fairy land, cartoon characters, alphabets, flowers and so much more are available in the market these days.

Mickey Wallpapers For Kids Room @TheRoyaleIndia


But choosing the one that interests your child and enhances his imagination can be a challenge at times. Wallpapers can make your kid more comfortable with the surroundings, also the bright colours and alluring patterns will keep him engaged. For more tips on decorating kids room, read this.

5. Wallpapers for Kitchen

Wallpapers For Kitchen @TheRoyaleIndia


Kitchen is a place where frequent spills or oil fumes can ruin your beautiful walls and getting them painted every now and then can be a pretty expensive task. So, wallpapers come as an ultimate solution and with just a swipe of cleaning sponge, your bright and stunning looking walls will be just back to life.

Kitchen Wallpapers @theRoyaleIndia


For kitchen, one must consider applying ultra-durable vinyl wallpapers which are easy to wash and clean.

6. Wallpapers for Bathroom

Bathroom Wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia


When you are thinking of adding beauty to all walls of your home, then there is simply no reason to neglect your bathrooms. In fact, we tend to spend a good quantity of time in the bathrooms, so beautiful wallpapers make so much sense there.

Amazing Bathroom Wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia


For bathrooms, just like kitchen, durable vinyl wallpapers are a must as the water or moisture will not affect them and they will keep looking beautiful for years to come.

Wallpapers are so easy to apply and come in such amazing patterns that no wonder this Renaissance European art came back to surface a couple of years back. Just look for the right wallpaper designs for every corner of your house and say hello to a place full of positive energy and elegance.

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