Walk-it-up in these 6 styles! #ShoeLove – Part 2

March 16, 2015 Walk-it-up in these 5 styles! #ShoeLove - Part 2 @TheRoyaleIndia 775 0 0

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You attended Class I, right? Then you will be able to quickly list the different types of heels. Today however, we will discuss the type of shoes, a woman should always have in her closet (much like a white shirt, blue jeans, an LBD and a skirt)


Pumps for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

Preferably slightly high heeled, these closed shoes should be available in black and nude. Black goes with just about everything (not with brown though. NEVER brown) and looks formal whereas nude elongates your leg. Closed shoes are always better for any formal event or at work.


Boots for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

If you live in a place wherein you have to wear boots for a few months every year, then we recommend investing in 4 pairs- 2 heeled ones and 2 flats. Ankle length and knee length are the perfect ones to opt for. If you stay in a place where the weather does not permit it but you know you are going to migrate like seagulls (in an opposite direction) then make sure you have a smart pair of ankle length boots. Tuck the boots or cover your attire with them, boots look smart and can be worn with jeans and skirts of any length. ‘The length of the boots should be in proportion to the length of the apparel’ is a total myth. Boots can be covered or they can tuck in your clothes; just be comfortable.


Flats for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

Always have 3 pairs of flats on you. One closed, one open and one slightly ethnic. These babies help you during the days when your feet start killing you. The ethnic ones come super handy during weddings, family functions or you know when you have to wear Indian attire at work during festivals.


Sneakers for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

Invest in a pair of sneakers. Be it canvas or from a sports brand- it does not matter. But always have sneakers handy. You might have a day of only walking or you just might end up going for an impromptu trek; if you have just flats and heels then whacha gonna do, gurl?

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels @TheRoyaleIndia

Yup one pair is required when you want elevation but are not ready to trade your soul with Satan.


Gladiators for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

The most badass looking of all shoes, gladiators that reach mid-calf or the knee look amazing. Preferably flats or slight wedge heels, you can never go wrong with a pair of gladiators.

So with this we reach the end of Class II. But before we leave, we have some advice for you-

  • Ladies, always remember- Crocs are Mondays of the week and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Men, always remember- Ladies judge a man based on the shoes he is wearing.

  • Wearing floaters (with or without socks) look really bad and think of them like the weekends you have to go to work to prepare for a meeting on Monday.

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