Walk-it-up in these 5 styles! #ShoesLove

March 2, 2015 walk-it-up in these 5 styles! #ShoesLove @TheRoyaleIndia 1229 0 0

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Someone once said ‘shoes maketh a woman’. Nah, we are just making up that up and we take the credit because it is true! Shoes are not just footwear but pieces of sculpture. They are a woman’s best friend (second only to diamonds) and let’s be honest- they are the only things that fit when you gain or lose weight. Shoes make or break your outfit and a wrong pair *shudders* just makes that hour of getting dressed go to waste. So today we shall enlighten you about the different types of shoes and what you can wear them with and what a woman must absolutely have in her closet. There are a lot of types but we will tackle just the basics-


Flats for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

These can be ballet flats, or peep toes or slingbacks or sandals with an open upper. Ballet flats are the closed shoes which look super cute when worn. They can be worn on a casual day in office, for running errands or when you know you are gonna be on your feet for long and don’t want sore feet. These have absolutely no elevation and go the best with a sunny dress or trousers/ jeans. Same goes for peep toes and sling backs. Flat sandals look good only with dresses and skirts. Sure they go with jeans too, but slightly closed work better with that outfit.


Sneakers for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

Sneakers and canvas shoes come in the category of flats but have a category of their own. Best worn for a slightly sporty look, normal sneakers (such as Nike) go the best with skater skirts and shorts. Canvas goes well with nearly everything except with semi formal or formal attire.

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

These heels are between 1.5- 1.75”; Perfect for the slight elevation and for running around. It is a myth that only tall women wear them. They are extremely comfortable and make your legs look slightly longer. The heel can be spool shaped or cone shaped and can be the same as flats such as peep toes, pumps, slingbacks and sandals. The sandal category gels well with Indian attire (during those tiring weddings) and with dresses. The more closed ones give a slightly formal look.

Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels for Women @TheRoyaleIndia

These heels can be low or high and there is no separation from the heel till the sole of the shoe. These are usually preferred if high heeled shoes are to be worn for longer periods, as they are extremely comfortable. The pressure on the foot is distributed rather than getting concentrated only at the balls of the foot or the heel. Closed wedge heels look nice with formal attire whilst the cork heels or the espadrille version looks best with casual clothes.


Stilettos @TheRoyaleIndia

The sexiest of all heels on this planet, the stiletto is every woman’s favourite. The name is derived from the dagger stiletto as the heel is pointed enough to murder someone. Ranging from 1.5” to 8”, these can be slightly painful to walk. It is best to opt for stilettos which have an elevated front (also known as platform) so the body is not balanced on toes and the elevation between the toes and the heel is not much. Being the best of the lot, they look great with anything and everything and everything looks great with them. Did you know heeled sneakers are available for a quirky look?

There are a million other types of shoes such as mules, gladiators, boots, ankle strap, cutouts, lace up booties, oxford pumps, peep toe pumps, block heel, comma heel, sculpted heel, moccasins, loafers, t-straps, pointed toe, round toe, clog heels (pauses for breath).

So you have a pair you can’t live without? You swear your life on shoes? Write to us and tell us about your shoe fetish. Class II will be on shortly

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