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Vintage homes exude a fine taste and charm in them. Adopting this theme within ones home can be done with ease, provided you go the right way. Below are a few tips that can help in adding the vintage touch to your home without making a hole in your wallet!

Pick rich colours: The hues we use within our homs impact its overall appearance. Make sure to pick colours that bring out the best in your home.

If you want to play safe, use light colours, you can go for pastels including olive green, mauves or lavender. If bright and bold colours are your kind, then oranges, bright yellows can add the right zest to your home décor.

Wallpapers are another option that can help you, the wide array of designs and colours they are available in will surely leave you spoilt for choice. From the traditional Indian paisley designs to warli art or even a customised pattern, you can play with a variety of options.

wallpapers @TheRoyaleIndia

Your choice of colours may vary depending on your personal taste and you can use them to make your abode look like a magnum opus.

Fabrics: After wall paint, fabrics are most lavishly used to beautify home interiors. From curtains to bed sheets or rugs, you can bring out the vintage appeal using these.

For instance use of lace and net fabrics in curtains will add the old charm to your French windows or draping the dining table in a delicate embroidered lace work fabric will make it look ready to host a lavish feast and make your home look inviting.

A chest placed near a plain wall will serve the purpose of storage and also add to the wall’s look. You can even add the rich Indian touch to your home with a mirror-work or patch-work wall hanging and give any space a vibrant boost. The more you are open to experimentation, the better results you can get.

fabrics @TheRoyaleIndia

Right accessories: Choosing the right furniture and furnishings and placing them in the right order are two crucial aspects of home décor. Opt for furniture pieces and accessories that have hint of detailing and complement each other. You don’t need to go hunting for the apt accessories and spend a fortune on them; you can add the vintage twist to them in simple ways.

Use of metallic basin in your bathroom instead of a ceramic one will add the rustic feel of the maharaja era to the décor and stand out.

accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

Frame a painting or your favorite picture in a wooden frame or attract eyeballs to that side table by placing a vase full of dried flowers.

Candles add the illuminating effect to any corner of the house, you can use candle stands to showcase them or even place them in colourful jars or glasses.

candles @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are falling short of ideas, you can shop for such items online as per your style and budget, you can checkout: for shopping ideas.

Keep it clutter-free: When planning to change the look of your home, the basic rule of thumb is to keep things minimal. Let there be enough space within your home to make it look spacious and airy. Too much clutter in terms of furniture or even use of many colours in one room will steal the appeal of your abode. Vintage is all about the fine things in life that are forever in style; make sure this comes out without making much effort. Whether it’s the colour or the accessories, balancing them is the key.

Here are some additional tips that can come handy:

  • Keep things either colour coded or in sync with each other

  • Embrace DIY (Do it yourself) and try to add your personal touch to the décor

  • Buy items that are evergreen and will not look out of place in your home after a few years

  • Mix and match old and new ideas, yes the old and the new can co-exist within a roof

  • Be inspired but don’t try to replicate exactly what you see in magazines, add your creativity to it

  • Involve every member of your family in the décor planning and execution process

  • Expensive does not always mean vintage, shop online to find the best deals and discounts

  • Use apps like Home Styler, Houzz etc for design ideas and themes

  • Make rough plans and keep improvising them until you get the desired result

  • Take expert help wherever necessary, it will help in the long run

  • Stick to your budget, if you find something expensive there would be a budget-friendly option for it, hunt for it.

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