10 Vastu Tips to bring wealth, money and prosperity into your lives!

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Wealth and prosperity! Who doesn’t want it? A lot of hard work and luck is obviously required to achieve it. However, you also need positive energies that attract wealth and prosperity to surround you. That’s precisely where Vastu Shastra comes in.

Vastu Shastra is an age-old science and art that is used by architects and interior designers to design homes and offices that attract prosperity and wealth. It defines and explains things that should or should not be done to create positive vibes that increase the inflow of wealth and prosperity.

Here are a few Vastu tips that should be kept in mind:

1. Keep the north-east corner clean:

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It is believed that Lord Kuber – the god of wealth – rules the North-East corner of the home. So, to attract positive energy and wealth, make sure you keep the north-east corner of your homes clean.

2. Placement of the overhead tank:

The overhead water tank should never be constructed or kept in the north-east direction. That’s where you can place the underground water tank. The best place for the overhead water tank is in the South-West or West direction and never above the kitchen or bathroom.

3. Location of the swimming pool:

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Want a swimming pool in your home? Go ahead! Just make sure that it is not in the south-east corner of your home. The ideal location for a swimming pool is the north-east corner of the home. Also, the swimming pool should never be located in the centre of the house as it disturbs the energy balance.

4. Placement of the Safe/locker:

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The safe should always be placed in the south or south-west direction so that it opens in the north. Also, the safe should never be near a window, ventilator, the main door or the back door. It is also recommended to ensure that the safe cannot be seen from the bathroom, store room, main gate, kitchen, and puja room.

5. Direction of the staircase:

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The staircase should be constructed in the west or south direction only and never in the north-east direction. The number of steps that a staircase has should always be odd. Also, the space under the stairs should be used for storage purpose only.

6. High rise buildings and temples:

There should be no high rise building or temples in the north-east direction of your home. However, if there is a high rise building or temple in that direction, ensure that its shadow does not fall on your home.

7. Fish aquariums bring wealth:

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Fish aquariums bring prosperity and wealth. However, make sure you keep the in the north or east direction of the living room. Keep the fish tank clean and hygienic to attract positive energies.

8. Plant big trees and plants:

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Big trees and plants, planted in the south-west direction of the home, stabilize finances and also prevent mishaps. However, planting them in the north-east direction has the opposite effect.

9. Purple coloured plant:

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The colour purple represents wealth, extravagance and royalty. Hence it is recommended to keep a purple coloured plant in your home. However, since purple coloured plants are hard to find, you can keep a money plant planted in a purple coloured pot in your home. If you are still wondering where you can find purple coloured plants or plants potted in purple pots, do check out the FabFurnish offers on Couponraja for the best deal.

10. Brooms, shoes and mops:

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Brooms, shoes and mops should neither be kept under the stairs nor in the north, north-east or east directions. Also, a broom should never be kept standing.

Just follow these simple, yet extremely effective, Vastu Shastra tips to bring wealth and prosperity into your lives.

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