8 Vastu Tips To Help You Shape-Up Your Child’s Future

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Kids’ rooms need to be lively and full of warmth. The importance of keeping the right things in the right place is of tremendous importance, and it increases ten folds when it comes to a child’s room. There’s a Science behind choosing the perfect furniture, wall colour, and even the placement of everything, right from study table to mirrors. But just as placing the right objects at the right place can bring happiness, similarly, placing them at the wrong locations can bring in discomfort.

But worry not! We’ve got a few simple and effective Vastu tips for your child’s room that will help your child study and stay happy:

1. The Location

Kids room ample sunlight vastu tips

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According to studies, the West direction of a house is most suitable for a child’s bedroom. Always make sure that the door of the room never faces the bed. The bed should be placed in the Southwest direction of the room and in such a way that child’s head points towards South or East while sleeping. Doing so, helps maintain peace of mind.

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2. Study Table

Kids room study table vastu tips @TheRoyaleIndia

A child’s room needs to have a study table, but the direction in which you place it matters a lot in deciding whether your child can concentrate on his/her studies or not. Make sure that the study table should be placed in such a way that the child’s face is towards East, North, or North-east direction. Keeping the study table there helps children gain new ideas and also boosts memory and concentration skills. Make sure you keep the books towards the south or south-west direction to avoid distraction.

Kid's room avoid bookshef over study table vastu

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With our apartments shrinking in size, many parents tend to arrange bookshelves above the study table. However, according to Vastu, this arrangement can create undue stress to a child. Also, do keep in mind that a rectangle or square shaped study table is always better than a round one.

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3. Doors And Windows

Children's room vastu window

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Always make sure that the door of your child’s room is either in the North or East direction. Having windows and plenty of natural light is extremely important for kids, otherwise they will end up feeling claustrophobic. The windows too, need to be towards the North or East corner.

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4. Choose The Right Colour

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The colours you use to paint your child’s room, and even the colour of the furniture decides the way your child feels and what kind of outlook he/she has towards life. Yes, colours are that important! It’s quite obvious that dark colours are never a good idea for kids’ rooms. Opt for colours like green and blue that are warm, bright, and fresh. Green evokes freshness, increases brain power, and has a welcoming feel. Pick colours that your kids will love and have a good effect on their mental health.

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5. Light It Right

Soft light kids room vastu

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Like we mentioned before, make sure there’s plenty of natural light entering your child’s room so that they feel fresh and active. Never use spot lights or sharp lights as it causes mental strain, instead, invest in up-lighters (soft light) in the Southeast corner of the room. Doing so helps generate positive energy.

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6. Bathroom Door

Bathroom kids room vastu tips

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Ensure that the door of the bathroom is not exactly opposite to the child’s bed.

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7. Place For Electronics

Computer north direction kids room vastu

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As with master bedroom, avoid placing electronic gadgets like television and computer even in children’s room as it can cause anxiety, sleeping disorder, and behavioural issues. But, if you have to, then install a computer in the Southeast corner, while a television can be placed in the Northwest corner of the room.

8. Decoration

Kids room decorate northeast_corner water bodies vastu

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It has been observed that decorating the Northeast corner of a child’s room with flowing water bodies like aquarium bring a sense of calmness and freshness to the room.

No mirror kids room vastu tip @TheRoyaleIndia

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Also, avoid placing mirrors in a kids’ room as it can disturb the flow of energy in the room.

Just follow these simple Vastu tips and you’ll surely see the positive effects they bring.

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