9 Simple Tips To Ensure Vastu Compliance In your Kitchen For Good Health And Prosperity

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As the kitchen represents the fire element, it forms an integral part of a house. ‘Fire in a controlled environment is beneficial, but if the same fire goes out of the hand, it can obliterate everything in its path’ this statement stands true even today, and that’s the reason why Vastu Shastra emphasise on getting a few essential elements right in your kitchen.

A Vastu Shastra compliant kitchen is believed to attract good health and happiness for the inmates, but achieving it isn’t a herculean task and shouldn’t be too hard on your pockets. In this article we have listed a few dos and don’ts that will help you to get started in a jiffy:

Factor That Need Special Attention:

vastu tips kitchen layout @TheRoyaleIndia

To ensure that your kitchen is in accordance with the rules of Vastu Shastra, you must pay attention to the direction in which your kitchen is located and colour of the walls along with the placement of gas stove, sink, refrigerator, water purifier, and other electronics.

Let’s try to understand these aspects a tad better:

1. Location of the Kitchen

vastu tips kitchen best location south-east @TheRoyaleIndia

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According to the Vastu, the Fire element prevails in the South-east direction, making it the perfect place for your kitchen. If not, another feasible option is the North-west side of the house. Do discuss with your architect to ensure that bedroom, toilets or pooja room are neither below nor above your kitchen.

vastu tips kitchen never build above under bedroom toilets @TheRoyaleIndia


Also, remember that your kitchen should not be anywhere close to the main entrance and definitely not directly in front of the main door.

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2. Placement of Gas Stove

vastu tips kitchen gas stove not visible from door @TheRoyaleIndia

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According to the Vastu beliefs, the gas stove is the place where you prepare your food. So needless to say, you wouldn’t like to be careless about it. It must be placed in the south-east corner of your kitchen in such a way that you face East while cooking (facing west while cooking can lead to severe health issues).

One more thing to take care here is that your cooking stove should not be visible from outside the kitchen. Keeping the stove a few inches from the wall can ensure good ventilation.

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3. Colour Of The Walls

vastu tips kitchen wall colours @TheRoyaleIndia

Rose, orange, yellow, green and chocolate shades are considered to be suitable for a kitchen. In no case, black should be considered for this part of the house.

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4. Lighting And Ventilation

vastu tips kitchen well-lit ventilation @TheRoyaleIndia

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Larger windows in the East direction allows for ample natural light in the morning. A well-lit and properly ventilated kitchen stays free from germs and bacteria.

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5. Placement Of Refrigerator

vastu tips kitchen refrigerator @TheRoyaleIndia

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It is best to place your refrigerator in the south-east, south, west or even north direction, a couple of feets away from the corner of the kitchen.

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6. Placement Of Other Appliances

As microwaves, heaters, and similar appliances generate heat; it makes sense to place them in the south-east or south side of the kitchen.

7. Dining Table

vastu tips kitchen dining tables @TheRoyaleIndia

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Quite contrary to the popular belief that one must avoid placing a dining table in the kitchen area, Vastu Shastra encourages having a dining area in the North-west corner of the kitchen. Avoid placing the dining table in the centre of the kitchen. Don’t you think the anticipation of the food makes it lot tastier and worth the wait!

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8. Placement Of Water Filter and Sink

vastu tips kitchen distance between gas stove sink @TheRoyaleIndia

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Sink (washbasin), water filter, pitcher or any other water containing vessel should be in the north-east corner as far as possible.  One very crucial thing to consider here is that your water resources should be nowhere close to the gas stove.

9. Store It Right

vastu tips kitchen cabinets @TheRoyaleIndia

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Having overhead storage above the cooking gas is not considered to be a good idea and must be avoided. All your grains, pulses, flours, spices and other commodities must be stored in the southern or western side of the kitchen.

I am sure these practical Vastu tips for the kitchen will help you to live an abundant and stress-free life.

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