Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Students: Enhance concentration and Map a Road to Success

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Vastu Shastra, the ancient architectural practice of India is a science of directions which aligns architecture with nature creating a congenial ambience which helps students in their studies by enhancing concentration and helping in achieving their goals. Often, it is observed that despite working very hard, some students are not able to perform well in exams. In such cases, Vastu Shastra might be the catalyst that could transform average but hard-working students into high achievers by providing a Vastu compliant conducive learning environment. The full potential of students can be met and hidden abilities discovered by improving memory power with increased concentration through the laws of ancient Vastu.

This blog discusses some of the Vastu guidelines or tips to help students boost their memory power and to perform well in school/college exams and competitive tests. There are they:

Where should the study room be placed in your home? 

A Vastu compliant study room is one of the basic prerequisites for any student. A study room should be in the East, North or the North-East direction of the house as this improves the absorbing power and increases the knowledge of content helping students to concentrate better on their studies and improving their learning skills. The door of the study room should also be in either of these directions. A square or rectangular shaped room is favourable if it is going to be used as a bedroom too. If the room is going to be used only for study and work, the pyramid-shape will be better for enhancing concentration and improving learning skills. According to Vastu Shastra, placing nine carnelian crystals in a bowl in the study room will boost memory. In case the study is also used as a bedroom, students should sleep with his/her head towards the East. Moreover, Vastu Shastra says that the door of the study room should ideally open clock-wise.

The Ideal position of furnishings and fittings in the study room

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1. The all-important study table: The placing of the study table is very important as per Vastu Shastra. The study table should be placed facing East or North to ensure that while studying, the student is facing either of these directions. Ideally, it is not advisable to keep the study table against a wall. If possible, there should be open space in front of the students as it encourages fresh ideas and breaks the boredom of lengthy study hours. On the other hand, a wall behind the students while studying implies support. The study table should be square or rectangular. The size and height should be in accordance with the size of the students. A Vastu pyramid near the study table improves learning capacity.

Images or statue of Goddess Saraswati or Lord Ganesha on or near the study table is also favourable according to Vastu Shastra.  Saraswati Yantra can be used on the study table or near the bedside as it is considered auspicious for better concentration. A pendulum clock mounted on the North wall of the study is also considered beneficial. Vastu pundits suggest to keep a globe on the study table and try to move it for success. Students’ study tables or desks should be clean and free of clutter. Stationery should be in usable condition. Unused pens, blunt pencils, torn books, etc. creates negative energy and should be cleared immediately. Shoes should never be placed under the study table.

2. The indispensable bookshelves: Books should be placed in the bookshelves rather than above the study table. It causes undue pressure on student and creates unnecessary stress. Bookshelves should preferably be located in the West or South of a room according to Vastu. They could also be in the East, North or North-East of the room. However, South-West, centre or North-West directions should be avoided. The centre of the room should be empty, if possible. Bookshelves with shutters are preferable as open bookshelves accumulate dust and can cause health problems.

3. The obligatory electronic items: Electronic items are best avoided in the study room, but in today’s scenario, computers and its peripherals share an integral part of a student’s life so for installation of computer or a laptop, the right place is the South-East corner.

4. The quintessential lighting: Sufficient sunlight and air should enter the study room. Ensure that the shadow of the student does not fall on the study table while studying. The room should be brightly lit. The placing of lamps and windows are important while designing the study room. Windows should be positioned in the North or the East for sunlight to enter the room. Windows, if positioned towards the West, should be small in size to reduce the heat from the evening sun. Sharp lights, as well as spotlights, should be avoided in students’ study rooms, as they tend to create mental strain. According to Vastu, students should use study lamp as it improves concentration on studies, preferably positioned on the South-East corner of the study table.

5. The imperative ventilation: Fresh air and good ventilation are important for a healthy mind and body. An open window even is important as there is proper circulation of air which helps in retaining freshness in the room.

Things that are a Big ‘No’ in the study room

1. Beams: A study below beams should be avoided. In case of an unavoidable situation, a false ceiling or hanging bamboo tubes on both ends of the beam can help in lessening the negative vibes generated by the beam.

2. Television: Television is best avoided in the study room as it can be a huge distraction.

3. Toilets: Vastu forbids the presence of an attached toilet in the room although an attached bathroom is allowed. Never face toilet or back of toilet while studying.

4. Mirrors: Vastu suggests that there should not be any reflection of mirrors on the books at the time of study as this may increase the pressure of study on students. Mirrors are also distracting and so, best avoided in the study room.

5. Sitting arrangement: Sharp-edged and irregularly shaped furniture should be avoided. The table height should be such that the navel coincides with the height of the table which ensures production of good energy. Wooden furniture is preferable according to the laws of Vastu.

Walls and colour schemes of the Study Room

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Study rooms should be vibrant and cheerful. The use of colours like yellow, orange, green, etc. are suggested. Black and other dark colours should be avoided.  Pictures and paintings should be used carefully in the study room. Pictures of galloping horses, sunrise with ocean, sea, flowers, mountains, and waterfalls can be displayed in the study room. Such pictures help in building positive energy resulting in better performance in studies. Puzzles, pictures depicting sadness, pictures of war, etc. should be avoided in this room. Sports and study certificates and trophies won by the students should be displayed on the South wall.

Vastu tips for students living in hostels

Students who stay in hostels and do not have the luxury of studying in a Vastu compliant study room can use the below mentioned Vastu tips for increasing their concentration and enhancing their academic performance.

1. If possible, do not place the study table near the entrance and try to keep some gap between the wall and study table. As mentioned earlier, placing a Vastu pyramid, images or statue of Goddess Saraswati or Lord Ganesha or Saraswati Yantra near the study table is considered auspicious for better concentration.

2. Try to avoid keeping the bed in front of the doorway.

3. In case there are beams present in the hostel room, if possible, avoid sitting or sleeping under them. This is because beams cause mental stress and affects vision.

4. Ensure that the study table, as well as the room, is clean and clutter free all the time. A clean and clutter-free environment produces positive energy and keeps the mind clear and refreshed which in turn helps in clarity of thought and contributes towards a good learning environment as per Vastu.

5. A well-lit room dispels the gloom and makes the environment cheery and bright. In case the room doesn’t receive direct sunlight and is dark even during the day, a study lamp can be placed on the study table as it helps increase
focus and rejuvenates good fortunes in students.

Other Vastu practices for boosting mind power

In addition to making the study room Vastu compliant, there are several other things suggested by Vastu which can contribute to students’ development. These points can be followed by students who might not have access to a Vastu compliant study room.

1. A few leaves of the Basil/Tulsi plant should be eaten each morning on an empty stomach.

2. Listening to soft, lilting music like the Gayatri Mantra at minimum volume in the bedroom during night is also beneficial.

3. By following Vastu guidelines, memory will be improved but success of remembering depends upon interest, attention, persistence, intelligence along with good Vastu, i.e., the supporting environment

4. Concentration can be improved while studying by using Vastu principles. Learn to concentrate while studying and bring back your mind every time it wanders to other things by using Vastu principles.

5. According to Vastu, concentration should not be forced, and so students should adopt different and interesting methods to increase concentration like learning to read faster and getting a general idea of the study matter before studying it.

6. It is also important to adopt a physical posture that helps in proper concentration.

Peace and success through Vastu tips

Vastu contributes in creating the perfect ambience by drawing and concentrating positive cosmic energy in students’ lives so that they can succeed in life. Vastu guidelines can contribute to better concentration in students. Furthermore, exam stress can be avoided, and they will be able to write their exams with confidence. Along with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning and wisdom, if students incorporate Vastu in their lives, they will definitely have an edge in achieving success in their lives.

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