11 Vastu and Feng Shui Tips For An Improved Health

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To most of us, our home is a little sanctuary where we can recharge our batteries after a long and stressful day at work. We walk past those doors of our home expecting a calming and soothing place, but unfortunately, for a few of us, this isn’t exactly an ideal place to be.

We have all heard the phrase “Health is Wealth” at least a thousand times in our life. In today’s scenarios when our stress levels from work and the bad lifestyle have taken a toll on our health, isn’t it wise to consider changing a few things in our home set up, to bring peace and calmness in our life?

If you or someone else in your family is going through health complications and wish to bring a sense of calmness to your home without spending buckets of money on a renovation, do consider the below-mentioned Feng Shui and Vastu Tips:

1. Sleeping Position:

Vastu good health sleep position @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: healthnewsline.net

One must always sleep with their head towards South direction. People with Kapha and Vata constitutions must sleep on the left side while those with a Pitta constitution must sleep on their right side.

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2. Avoid Overhead Beams

Avoid sleeping under overhead beams @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: cloudfront.net

Whenever possible, avoid sleeping or studying under exposed beams, as they are said to cause a disturbed mind. Also, ensure that overhead beams (even the hidden ones) should not run through the centre of your house.

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3. Declutter the Centre of Your House

Avoid heavy furniture centre of house @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: homedit.com

Do you know that free energy flows through the centre of a house and you should not keep any heavy furniture pieces in this area? Heavy furniture obstructs the free flow of energy and may be the reason behind health complications in your family.

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4. Let Natural Light In

Natural light home feng shui tip @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: homebnc.com

It is highly crucial that you allow ample natural light and fresh air through the windows. Fresh air and morning sunshine are one of the best therapies to calm your mind. Also, as far as possible, avoid bright lights for at least an hour before you head to your bed.

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5. Bring Home Some Green Friends

Add wood element to home @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: assets.inhabitat.com

Plants are truly one of the most treasured friends one can have. Also, plants (i.e. wood) along with earth are the two elements associated with health. So, it makes sense if you add these elements for an improved health. Although all the five elements must be present in any given room, but if someone in your family is facing health complications, you can always accentuate more on the wood element. Just keep in mind to avoid placing spiky plants in your bedrooms.

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6. Add Some Yellow Shade

Bring Earth element to home yellow flowers @TheRoyaleIndia

The earth element is represented by brown and yellow colours, square objects, and everything derived from earth i.e. clay and stone. One of the best ways to incorporate this element is to have a beautiful vase of yellow flowers and place it in the centre of your house (or kitchen counter).

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7. Give Your White Sheets A Break

Yellow green bedsheets feng shui @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the easiest ways to feel good is to switch your boring white bed sheet with a green or yellow one. This is a wonderful way to add some colour to your bed and have a positive impact on your health.

8. Light a Candle Or Diya Everyday

Balance fire element @TheRoyaleIndia

We have always seen our mums and grandmoms light diyas every day and there is definitely a strong logic behind it. It is a great way to balance the fire element.

9. Main Entrance Gate

Main gate same height as walls vastu tips @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: homeideas.space

Ensure that the boundary wall and main entrance should be of equal height. Also, growing citrus fruits and green plants on the sides of the gate are said to promote good health.

10. Never Have Kitchen And Toilet Together

Avoid toilet near kitchen vastu @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: nudelanza.com

While constructing a house or shifting to a new place, ensure that kitchen and toilet are at maximum distance from one another.

11. Under Stair Area

Under stairs area use for storing only @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: homegoid.com

With apartments shrinking in size, one does not really have the liberty to use the space generously and one has to make the best use of every available space. But, when it comes to utilising the area under the stairs, one must be careful not to use this area for kitchen, study table, toilets, and more.

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