5 Things You Can Do If You’re Spending This Valentine’s By Yourself

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You walk around shopping malls, browse online stores, see a lot of red-pink heart-shaped things and it could make you want to throw up (if you’re not the mushy romantic kind) or just sad (if you’ve recently broken up). Either way, Valentine’s Day doesn’t really feel so pleasant. Being surrounded by hopeless romantic people only makes it worse. Are they trying to hook you up with single friends or have absolutely forgotten about your existence? It doesn’t have to be all that painful!

Being single is actually awesome, and that means Valentine’s is just another occasion to celebrate the fabulous you that you are. So here’s what you could do:

1. Run a marathon

hiranandani marathon valentine 14 feb @TheRoyaleIndia

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On the 14th of Feb, Hiranandani is hosting its 4th Marathon this year called the Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon. The funds collected from the marathons conducted previously were donated to charitable institutions. This year they plan to use the amount to build sanitation facilities in and around Thane and for drought-hit farmers of Maharashtra. Running for a cause definitely sounds better than a candlelight dinner! In case you aren’t much of a runner you could try their 4KM fun run, if not, you can sign up for the 10 KM Green Run too!

2. Go camping!

Camping gadeshwar dam @TheRoyaleIndia

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What better way to spend Valentine’s than camping? Sleep in a tent under the stars and wake up to the sun shining bright! Bhramanti365 is organizing a camping Night at the Gadeshwar Dam.

Gadeshwar dam valentine @TheRoyaleIndia

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Spend the night of the 13th and find yourself waking up to some breathtaking natural beauty the next morning! The site is a perfect bird watching spot and is located at the bottom of the Matheran hill.

3. Laugh it off!

East india comedy valentine @TheRoyaleIndia

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After the rib-tickling Ghanta Awards, East India Comedy is back with EIC v/s Bollywood.

Eic bollywood valentine show @TheRoyaleIndia

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Spend the evening at NCPA, watching some of the best comedians in the country crack jokes on the abundantly stupid Desi movies and some Interesting Bollywood controversies. We bet you won’t find men funnier than these!

4. Learn from Dakota

How to be singLe movie @TheRoyaleIndia

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The Valentine’s weekend is perfect to watch this romantic comedy! Aptly named How to be single, the movie stars Dakota Johnson (from the 50 shades of Grey starter) who is trying to manage work and living without her long-term boyfriend, she meets Rebel Wilson who is a fun-loving party animal. The movie is all set to teach you how to rock the single life. Like they say, “The thing about being single is that you should cherish it.”

5. Go On A Shopping Spree!

Shopping with friends @TheRoyaleIndia

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What’s better than being single and enjoying perks on this lovely occasion? Most online retailers offer special  Valentine’s Day offers that you could avail.

online shopping valentine @TheRoyaleIndia

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Get gifts for your friends and family or pamper yourself, who needs a partner for that. You can spend the whole day munching on chips in your pyjamas while you gift yourself something you love. There’s absolutely no going wrong with that! If you want to feel even better, you could just have them gift wrapped so you can feel excited as you tear open your gift boxes.

When there are so many exciting ways to enjoy on this day, who really needs a partner?

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