Valentine’s Day: A crazy little day for love and to make memories

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You know they say love makes people do crazy things and isn’t it great that we have a day to live that craziness? Look, I’m a hopeless romantic, and I think it’s wonderful that Valentine’s Day allows people to express their love for each other. Of course, you can do that on any other day as well but now that it’s on the calendar, why shy away from it.

Lately, it’s become a bit of a cult to reject Valentine’s Day. People often feel pressured to celebrate in fear of looking too corny. But you know something, there’s so much hatred in the world these days that we should embrace every opportunity we get to celebrate love, compassion, and romance.

There are so many creative ways to express yourselves and make your partner happy. You can take the easiest things and put a twist on it. This Valentine’s, why not gift your loved one a memorable experience that creates happiness rather than simply handing over stuff. Buying a generic bouquet of flowers that she’ll keep beside her bed for way too long because she feels bad throwing them away, or a giant teddy bear holding a heart that you found at a corner store are ideas that have been overdone and completely exhausted.

Majority population would much rather have wholesome experiences than the regular gifting stuff that they receive anyway on birthdays and other festive occasions. Valentine’s Day is your chance to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

If you’re stumped and wondering where to start, read on to know a few ways on how to create memories and not pile up more stuff!

1.Go Tripping!

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And by that I mean, go on a vacation. What were you thinking? 😉

The most amazing way to spend Valentine’s is to pack your bags and travel together. A vacation has all the ingredients you need for a romantic V-Day. Vacations help you build unbreakable bonds that can only come from spending time with each other. It will be an out of the ordinary experience for you and your partner, and it will definitely help you score some brownie points. Good news for you is that has whipped up a list of destinations, with great offers, that you can visit this Valentine’s Day and made your job easier. All you have to do is select the destination of your choice.

2.Nothing to Wine about here!

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If you and your better half are wine lovers and haven’t been on a wine tasting tour, you absolutely should on Valentine’s Day. Visiting a winery can be fun, romantic and stimulating. The beautiful hills and peaceful scenery surrounding a vineyard is visually magnificent, and it instantly creates a magical experience even before you uncork any of those wine bottles. You and your partner can explore the different wines, get fascinating insights into the world of wine, and maybe even make some while you are there. So sip, swirl and plan your V-Day weekend getaway. (Ha! We got ourselves a bit of a tongue-twister here.)  🙂


3.Bake them Cupcakes

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Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to make a batch of cupcakes together than giving her or him the traditional box of chocolates that she/ he most probably ends up sharing with everyone? You can plan an entire evening around baking cupcakes. Keep all your ingredients handy, make the necessary preparations, check the items at for a faster delivery. Voila! You’re set for a fun evening. And hey! Do not forget to add alcohol to your list. Oh yeah! Boozy cupcakes are a hell lot of fun to make and they’ll definitely add to the “spirit” of the day.

4.Spa Date

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You cannot go wrong with spas!! Booking a massage for yourselves will give you both enough time to relax and reflect in private. Sharing a massage room is a lot more powerful than you can imagine. Couples feed on each others’ positive vibes and carry it even outside of the room. A great benefit of spas is that you’re fully engaged in the activity and completely mindful of the present which will help you both connect with very little effort. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to create this shared time with your loved one.

5.Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt and have a killer time! The adrenaline rush, the photos, the competition, the videos, the clues- it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to bring people closer and have a great time. On Valentine’s Day, you can plan a hunt around all the memories that you two have shared together- the places you visit often, the things you both like to do, favourite restaurants maybe, or where you first met.

PS: I hope you haven’t already forgotten where you two met. 😛

6.Salsa Night

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We all know that salsa is one of the hottest Latin dances that exist. Going dancing is a fabulous excuse to get up, close and personal with your partner. If you want to add a little more drama to your valentine’s dance, buy your girl a gorgeous dress and comfortable heels that she can put on for the event you’ve planned. Please get her size right, or you’ll be dancing alone! And girls, surprise your man with a smart jacket that he can put on for the evening.

7.Concert Tickets

Even though the concert might not be on the 14th of February, the gesture is splendid. Gifting your partner an unforgettable live experience of their favourite musical band is nothing short of magical. It is not only a highly generous gift but also shows that you’ve been paying attention to all the likes and dislikes. That ought to keep your boat sailing longer than you thought it would. 🙂 And being able to share that moment with someone you love is cherry on the cake. Check the latest shows at

Make a new Tradition!

Do something different, broaden your horizons and make a new memory. Making new traditions can be a great way to boost your relationship and discover each other’s inspirations. There’s so much to learn and explore when creating something new. If you choose to do this on Valentine’s Day, it will be something that belongs to the two of you and two of you only. Isn’t that cool? To think that the couple will generate endless memories from creating one tradition is thrilling.

These are a few out of the box ideas that can help you create lasting memories or you can take help of Cleartrip to help plan a wonderful day. C’mon already! Get off the screen and get down to Valentine’s business!


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