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Sumita Chakraborty spotlights the trend of pet fashion and how it’s become so big in India too.

It’s time to usher in a new revolution for our furry friends where their world becomes more colorful and stylish. Yes, we are talking about pet fashion which has become so HUGE globally. And now, globally, the multi-billion fashion industry for pets has grown almost in tandem with humans. In fact, you even have fashion maestros like Gucci who has jumped into the four-legged fashion fray and created a stylish line of backpacks for dogs. Not to forget the super chic New York Pet Fashion Week this had our wonder furry tails walking the ramp with their best friends, their owners in matching costumes.

Dressing up Our Pets

We love our pets, right? They are more like children to us and like we do to kids, we too love dressing up our cute l’il pets.

So what do designers look in terms of pet fashion? The answer is simple – the same as in human beings – cut, pattern, colour and silhouette teamed with comfort while designing outfits for pets.

What’s In

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Hoodies & Hats:

It depends on the weather of course, but hoodies are a fave in pet ensembles. From colourful hoodies in shades of red, orange, yellow and vibrant blue; to Fall shades of black and grey are all racing up the fashion trend-o-meter. The look is, however, created according to the breeds. For instance, smaller dogs like poms, spitz, pooches, Shih Tzu, Beagles, Chihuahua, etc look great when they flaunt bright hues. But for bigger dogs like Alsatians, Dobermans, etc, sombre shades suit better. Not too many breeds enjoy wearing hats, but some friendly breeds like Labradors and Golden Retrievers love clowning it around showing off their sassy hats.

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Source -igrad, Columbus

Sweatshirts and Jumpers:

This actually depends on the weather. Light-weight sweatshirts and jumpers suit the Indian weather, and they too come in colourful patterns and styles. No wonder, you see many of our little canines sporting them. At the New York Pet Fashion Week, sweatshirts and jumpers were seen in fabrics like velvet, woolen, cotton. However, natural fabrics work better on canines as they are more comfortable and healthy.

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Haven’t you seen so many of your neighbour’s pets walking proudly flaunting their kaleidoscopic bows? Bows are so big in pet fashion and they come in different patterns and hues. From bright colours like red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and more; to patterns ‘n’ prints, dots, with bones or cartoon characters, bows have a character of their own. And a furry animal wearing an eye-catching bow immediately grabs all eyeballs.

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Source – etsystatic.com

Tanks, Shirts & Dresses

For the female variety of the canines, fashion gets more feminine and flirty. From pretty dresses with frills and ruffles to tank tops and shirts in pastel shades rule. I have even seen owners put fancy bows on their pet’s ears or drape their necks with beaded neckpieces – anything works as long as your pet is not in the habit of chewing things. If yes, avoid this as it may get stuck in their throats.

Shirt for pets @TheRoyaleIndia

Harness Vest

Since we are talking about fashion, harnesses and leashes to have become stylish. From having quirky harness vests to fancy leashes, fashion has taken a new turn in this segment too.

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And if the rains are a dampener to pet fashion, think again! From vibgyor shades to fancy raincoats, fashion has reached the skies. In fact, if the cumulous nimbus clouds hover in the skies, pet owners immediately reach out to their pet’s fashion closets to show off their new stylish rain gears.

raincoat for pet @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – Breeding Business

Quirky Fashion Gears:

Yes, there are times when fashion has turned rather bizarre for our poor furry animals too. Some months ago, some very adventurous pet fashion designer designed an entire collection of dog wigs. But unfortunately, it wasn’t a big hit because the poor dogs would lose their heads or rather wigs rather fast. A Japanese company started something called Cat Prin which was exclusive fashion creations for cats. But the pesky cats just hated this new line which was rather uncomfortable. Of course, there have been many designers who have cashed in on various festivals like Easter and Halloween and created a line of costumes for canines and cats. Did they work? Well, some furry animals managed to hold their own style quotient in their individual costumes, but many had wardrobe malfunctions that perhaps embarrassed their pet owners quite a bit.

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Where to find these Pretty Outfits?

There are numerous pet shops which cater to pet fashion. In fact, if you walk into any of them, you’re sure to spot a variety of cute styles for pets. Online too, you can pick some of the most fashionable ensembles from the pet segment at Amazon, Flipkart, headsupfortails.com ,Dogspot.com, Pupkart.com and more… So go ahead, pick some fun stuff for your four-legged friend.

Final Note

Though we love to dress up our pets, there are certain rules that one must adhere to while dressing up one’s pet.

– Make sure your pet is comfortable. He could feel extremely hot in the costume, after all, don’t forget nature has given it a natural sheathing in terms of its fur coats. So avoid overheating him by adding more layers.

– Don’t keep the outfit on for too long. He’ll feel hot and itchy.

– Make sure the outfit doesn’t cover the pet from head-to-toe. That would be very uncomfortable for the poor pet.

And if you toe the line in terms of pet fashion, you’re sure to have the most stylist pet in your neighbourhood.

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