7 Unusual Bollywood Pairings that we would Love to see On-Screen

September 11, 2014 Unusual Bollywood Pairings that we WILL like to see @TheRoyaleIndia 768 0 0

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I really wanted the title to be ‘Weird Bollywood pairings’ or ‘Quirky Bollywood pairings’ but the editor slammed it down insisting that the title should not spell hatred towards Bollywood because it is every salesman’s dream. With our biggest industry completing more than a century, we have seen it all. Right from silent movies (Dolby Digital was a work in progress then) to the similar plot of a hero with a terminally ill mother, a spinster sister and a girlfriend who eventually turns out to be the daughter of the villainous tycoon to gun wielding women and kicking some serious butt to rom coms to successful onscreen pairings which sizzled the screen to watching mind numbing movies making 10000 crores in a day (if only people spent that much money improving their locality….. sigh. I don’t even feel bad about the piracy). Enough with the box office money and more of unusual pairings which are bound to be a logical success, we say!

We have seen Shahrukh and Kajol scorching our screens and churning out one well deserved hit after another (quality over quantity, people!), we have laughed with the leave-your-brain-at-home comedy between Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. We have sniggered with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan for their effortless chemistry in Dostana. But let’s break away from the norm and let’s pair someone different-

Alia Bhatt - Tiger Shroff

tiger shroff alia bhatt @TheRoyaleIndia

Pretty, talented, a famous last name and penchant of having a hit debut film is what describes Tiger Shroff. Pretty, talented, a famous last name and penchant of having a hit debut film is what describes Alia Bhatt. A movie with them should totally be a desi version of Mean Girls, no?

Emraan Hashmi- Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan

emraan hashmi Aishwarya rai @TheRoyaleIndia

The king of kisses has had success in this competing industry. The Queen has had a huge success in this competing industry. It will be fun to see the ruling Bollywood family fret over the frequent kissing scenes. I bet over the press confe…… oh wait.

Hrithik Roshan- Richa Chadda

richa chadda hrithik roshan @TheRoyaleIndia

When you think of Hrithik Roshan you immediately think of his divorce and the amazing alimony along with his looks and dancing abilities. When you think of Richa Chadda you immediately think of Bholi Punjaban from Fukrey. When you think of both together in a movie you think of Richa saving Hrithik’s life from goons while he dances away to safety.

Varun Dhawan- Kangna Ranaut

kangana ranaut varun dhawan @TheRoyaleIndia

Now this pair can probably be a hit in a lets-shoot-this-movie-in-rural-Punjab-and-let-their-Punjabi-genes-take-over-movie way, no? But seriously, we can totally see them in a rom com with a scene in which both have a drinking-alcohol war and you know who wins. Rani, of course!

Siddharth Malhotra- Huma Qureshi

huma qureshi siddharth malhotra @TheRoyaleIndia

Is it just us or has the pair not come in any other movie except for their individual notable debuts? But it will be fun to see a chocolate boy wooing a tough but beautiful girl who stays in the Switzerland-esque outskirts of a metro. Now where have we seen this before? ‘Pyaar kiya toh darna kya’ anyone?

Ranveer Singh- Kareena Kapoor

ranveer singh kareena kapoor @TheRoyaleIndia

Yeah we totally see a big budget commercial film with these two. With his rugged looks and her oomph, the film will be a commercial success. With his hot girlfriend and her husband, we do see some cattiness in interviews as well.

Deepika Padukone- Salman Khan

deepika padukone salman khan @TheRoyaleIndia

She is super hot. Period. He was so cute in his earlier days. (This is why kids, you should stay away from steroids). But any movie with Salman Khan does translate into a machine going ka-ching every few minutes and quite honestly the actress is more like a backdrop accessory. We don’t see Ms. Padukone changing her stream of films nor do we see Salman Khan changing his career to acting. But if they get paired up it will be one awesome masala movie to watch. The kind you relish with cynicism while stuffing yourself with popcorn (caramel please)

Hence, we at The Royale have taken matters into our own hands and have come up with these unusual pairings that our tinsel town should make a note of (a petition is currently in progress). So sit back, re-read and save this because don’t forget you read our imaginary pairings here first!

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