7 Unconventional Careers where Women Proved themselves

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Sumita Chakraborty spotlights ‘off the beaten path’ careers for women and women who have mastered in them.

Gone are the days when women had very few options pertaining to their career choices. It’s 2017, and this is the time to celebrate women empowerment. Women today have shattered the glass ceiling and have trodden on the shards of forbidden grounds. They have raised the bar and achieved supremacy in every field they have pursued. Not only that, they have entered unconventional careers and have made a stellar name for themselves.

So give a loud shout out to all those women who have dared to shatter ‘phased out’ myths that ‘some careers are just for men’. Women who have cocked a snook at naysayers and proven that they were not only as good as men – they were better.

Let’s look at some of the unconventional career options women have taken and have shown that they were the queen of it.

  • Mountaineering:

Mountaineering @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – Vollywood.net ; left – Bachendri Pal ; right – Arunima Sinha

To conquer the heights is indeed no mean feat. But more and more women have conquered their fear of heights and have taken to conquer the lofty mountains. The pioneer to start this in India was Bachendri Pal who climbed Mountain Everest and proved that she was indeed the queen of the mountains. Inspired by her lofty feat, many women have followed her footstep including amputee Arunima Sinha, Premlata Agarwal, Malavath Purna, Tashi and Nungshi Malik.

For women who want to be a mountaineer, there are mountaineering courses starting from Basic to advance. India has four institutes including Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and Atal Behari Vajpayee Institute Of Mountaineering. Once you become a full-fledged mountaineer, the money comes in the form of grants and trusts, and you do end up taking home a pretty package.

  • A SuperBike Racer:

Super Bike Racing @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – Siraa.com

If you’re an adrenalin junkie and you love the fast lanes, being a superbike racer will come naturally to you. Not too many women enter this field, but Alisha Abdullah is India’s first superbike racer. It is an expensive feat, but if you prove your supremacy in it, you can get sponsors and earn a lot of money. How does one become a superbike racer? Alisha Abdullah, herself has started an academy for women who want to become superbike racers.

  • Becoming A Metro driver:

Metro Driver @TheRoyaleIndia

Source : Connect Gujarat.com, Miday.com; left – Surekha Yadav; right – Priti Kumari

If you are boarding the Metro, keep your eyes peeled for the driver’s waggon, you may find a woman manning it. Yes, it’s a fact, more and more women have been driving the Metro. Inspired by Surekha Yadav who was the first woman train driver in 1988 and Priti Kumari who was the first woman train driver in Western India, women have discovered a new career option – driving the train or metro. The pay packet is decent – good salary, medical benefits and accommodation at railway quarters, though the work is hectic.

  • Bartending.

Bartending @TheRoyaleIndia

Source- vagabomb.com

Not too many women have ever thought of entering the field of bartending but Shatbhi Basu did, and she proved that bartending is indeed a women’s job. 34 years ago, Shatbhi Basu shattered all kinds of records by opting to be a bartender. Today, she’s known for her many high spirit concoctions. According to her, “Bartending is very fulfilling.” And the salary is good. So if you want to become a certified bartender, you can start at Shatbhi’s STIR Academy of Bartending or perhaps some catering college.

  • DJing:

Djing @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – Fashion Central.in, Khurki.net; left – Megha Kawale; right- Barkha Kaul

Music made their world go ‘round, and now, there are many women DJ’s who are ruling the night clubs these days. From Dj Megha Kawale, Barkha Kaul, Pearl (VJ Nikhil Chinappa’s wife) to actor and DJ Shilpi Sharma, they have all made their own music. And people in the know insist they all rock. The pay packet is good, and if you have your music pulse beating vociferously, there are many Dj courses for beginners. Click on the search engines and rock on!

  • Scuba Diver:

Scuba Diving @TheRoyaleIndia

Source – Rajasthan Patrika ; Archana Sardana

The deep blue vast oceans beckon you, and you feel one with the waters and the fishes, then scuba diving is for you. There are many women scuba divers who have shown their prowess as scuba divers namely Mitali Kakar who is also the Director Of Reefwatch, Lavanya Makdani and Archana Sardana. Becoming a scuba diver instructor can be a little heavy on the pocket, but once you get the license to be an instructor, you automatically take home a good pay packet.

  • Astronaut

Astronaut @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: – Travel Themes; Bee Bulletin ; left – Kalpana Chawla ; right– Sunita Williams

The late Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams paved the way, and more women are opting to become astronauts these days. In fact, NASA has confirmed that an equal number of women enter this field. It’s not really rocket science but of course, the path to become an astronaut is definitely rocky. You have to go through different levels to become a space rockstar. But once you conquer all the obstacles, the sky is the limit.

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