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It’s that time of the year when the pressure to attend the best party, host the best party, and look your best is at its peak. Last minute invites are being sent out, booze is being loaded, and gratitude is being thrown into the universe for New Year’s Eve coinciding with Saturday night.

However, there are quite a few people out there who’d rather they spend the New Year’s doing something different… something unconventional. If you are one of those eccentrics or simply bored of the usual New Year’s routine of partying till dawn, here are a few ways in which you can bring in 2017:

  • Go hiking or camping

unconventional ways to celebrate new year camping @TheRoyaleIndia


Celebrate with the trees and the stars; let the fireflies lead the way as you look for a tranquil New Year’s Eve.

unconventional ways to celebrate new year hiking @TheRoyaleIndia


Make it a solo hiking trip or take your trusted group of fellow trekkers as you admire Nature, away from all the hustle & bustle of an urban New Year. It’s not too late to start planning a camping trip either or join one that is already planned out.

  • Host a board games night

unconventional ways to celebrate new year board game @TheRoyaleIndia


Bring out those board games that have been gathering dust for a while. Be it with friends or family, a New Year’s Eve spent playing a friendly game of Taboo or Pictionary is a sure way of having some fun… Although it can get heated up quickly if someone gets both, Mayfair & Park Lane, in Monopoly! A good idea is to have a wide variety of board games which you can switch every one hour or so to maintain the novelty. Order in some pizzas as you ring in the New Year with the people you enjoy with!

  • Visit an old-age home or children’s shelter

unconventional ways to celebrate new year visit old age home @TheRoyaleIndia

You may not get permission to spend time with them as the clock strikes 12 at midnight, but you could spend 31st and the 1st with those who most likely will otherwise, live a monotonous New Years. You could try the local hospital or orphanage too if they allow visitors. Take some presents, chocolates, and games so that everybody can have some fun. Make some loving memories, make the day special for someone…

  • Sleepover

unconventional ways to celebrate new year sleepover pajama party @TheRoyaleIndia


Gather all your besties, all the booze and drinking games you can think of, and dress in your most comfortable pair of pyjamas! Celebrate the night with the people you consider family and laugh at how ridiculous your New Year resolutions are! After all, what better way to start the year than with people you’re going to probably spend the rest of it with?

  • Have some “me” time

unconventional ways to celebrate new year me time book @TheRoyaleIndia


Yes, the pressure of doing something “big” on New Year’s Eve is quite intense, but if you have been looking for a quiet night to yourself, now is a good time to make it happen.

unconventional ways to celebrate new year reading books @TheRoyaleIndia


Curl into bed with a book and cup of coffee or perhaps binge watch your favourite TV show. Here’s a tip if you do intend to spend a quiet evening- switch off your phone a few minutes before midnight and switch it on only after a couple of hours into the new year.

Whatever the way you choose to celebrate, remember to be safe and begin the year with positivity.

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