Two Easy Ways of Scheduling Emails on Gmail Conveniently

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Shouldering the tiresome duty of sending several emails a day is the mandate of many professions. Moreover, some emails are required to be sent at specific times due to differing time zones and increasing the probability of its being read. But, it is quite impossible for you to sit in front of the computer all day long waiting to press the hit button. Sometimes the consideration of sending a mail can even stop you from going out partying and having fun. Mailing during travels and holidays can also pose challenges like weak Wi-Fi connection and low battery. All these can be remedied easily with the help of scheduled mailing. Yes, you can draft your mail and choose to send it at a later time as suits you. There are two different effective ways of doing this which are Boomerang and Google Sheets Script. Find out how they work from the following.

  1. Let Your Email Game Bloom with Boomerang

Boomerang is an add-on that can be used for scheduling emails from Gmail. Once you install it, this extension will automatically send your emails at perfect times chosen by you. From an hour to a week or even a month, the time gap between drafting the email and sending it can be very flexible. Here are the easy steps for utilizing Boomerang.

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  1. You can download and install Boomerang add-on from the Chrome Web Store for free.
  2. After Boomerang is properly installed, you will have to reload Gmail to see the Send Later button of Boomerang on top of the e-mail composing box.
  3. Write the mail you need to send and click to access the drop-down menu offered by the Send Later button. Select the convenient time to schedule the mail.
  4. Choose the ‘Boomerang This Message’ option and let its magic work.
  5. Boomerang can also keep resending a message as a reminder. You will get to select whether you need a reply to it and the time gap before the mail is resent to recipients.
  6. Sit Back and Relax While Google Sheet Script Takes Over the Task

Though Boomerang is efficient enough not all are fond of including extra apps to their mailing regimen. If you too want to try fuss-free scheduling, then the Google Sheet Script can be your best bet. Another advantage of this method is that it works across all types of browsers. Let’s find out how this can be done.

  1. The Email Scheduler is an add-on to the Google Sheet. This too is available in the Chrome web store for installation.
  2. You have to let this add-on the permission to access your Gmail account. Don’t worry the authorization process is just a one-time affair that does not need to be repeated.
  3. Compose one or more emails and keep them stored in the draft box. Now you may select the right time for scheduling them.
  4. You need to specify the details of sending times of emails in the Google Sheet for this method to work smoothly.

Both Email Scheduler and Boomerang add-ons have paid versions that offer some special privileges. However, the free versions are sufficient to take care of regular small to medium business mail scheduling requirements.

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