Describe a time when your mind was changed & why you feel this experience was significant

August 3, 2017 sei sameshima @TheRoyaleIndia 756 0 0

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Sei Sameshima is studying at George Fox University. She was a soccer player and played for Junior Varsity. She secured 3rd place in our essay competition winning an amount of $145. The topic she chose: Describe a time when your mind was changed and why you feel this experience was significant,

Turning Point of My Life

I heard a loud pop. It happened on November 5th, 2013. My mind was filled with excitement toward the second round of the playoff. Starting off the season in the Junior Varsity, a chance to play with varsity came as a big surprise to me. I had hoped to play in the varsity but never expected that it would happen soon. I was proud of being a part of the highest and the most competitive team at school, the women’s varsity soccer. I strode the hallway with varsity jersey and pride in myself. On the day of the game, I was sitting aside the field, calmly waiting for my name to be called. My heart started to pound when I heard my name, and I felt the blood rush through my body uncontrollably. A few seconds later, I was on the field. All that I remember was the overwhelming pressure from the sideline, instructing me to bury the ball in the back of the net. My brain could not comprehend what to do next. Seeing my mom cheer wildly from the sideline was very heartwarming, yet my mind was focused on scoring the ball. The chance came, as I thought. The moment the ball was passed from the midline, seemed as if it was attracted to me like a magnet, I swung my leg as fast as I could. Believing that it went into the goal, but little did I know that it would be the turning point of my walk with God. Instead of a goal, I tore my ACL(anterior cruciate ligament), that put me out of soccer and the sport that I love the most.

Before this incident, my focus was on soccer alone. I had a plan laid out all along: going to college with a scholarship, fulfill my mom’s dream, feed my own pride, but everything was changed instantly. Up until then, my focus was on people around me and myself. Am I living up to their expectation or not? I did not welcome God in this process. However, as painful as it was, He made me realize what is important, which is to put Him first in all I do. My focus should be on Him, not myself or people around me. Nothing should be brought before God, whether it be my pride, selfish desire, or self-gratification. I also realized that I should not be self-centered on the field and out of the field. What I did on the field reflected me on my daily life. I was never sensitive to my siblings and never felt grateful to them: waiting long hours at home when my mom had to drive me to and from my games. I wasn’t even grateful to my mom or dad who lives in Japan and sacrificed a great deal to let me play soccer. My dad was only able to see us once a year because what he saved was spent on me. It never occurred to me what they were going through. This changed my mindset in the way that I should be grateful and humble in the walk with the Lord, which in turn helped me see what my family was doing for me.

Tearing my ACL was a terrifying and painful experience, both physically and emotionally, but It was all worth going through the period of uncertainty. God helped me see where I was and moved me to where I should be where he can use me more effectively. Also, during the time of recovery, I was attracted to the work of the physical therapist who supported and helped me get back on the field again. I had always been interested in the work of a sports trainer. However, going through this ACL reconstruction not once but twice, God convinced me whatever I do in my life, whether it be a therapist or a trainer, it will be done for His glory.

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