Tulip Joshi’s Fashion Fundaas

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Tulip Joshi, the brown eyed damsel made her debut in Bollywood in 2002 with Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai. Beginning her career in the film industry with Yash Raj banner, Tulip went on to make her mark in Telugu, Punjabi and Kannada films. Tulip believes in giving meaning to life. And for her, ‘health is priority.’

The Mumbai born actress gives a lot of emphasis to being fit in every way- physically as well as emotionally. According to Tulip,’ A healthy mind and a healthy body are essential because they enhance the quality of life.’


Fashion according to you…

Fashion is the current trend or pattern followed in general. It is something that should resonate with the individual. Clothes and accessories should be comfortable and timeless. Wearing what everyone else wears does not necessarily make one ‘fashionable’. Be comfortable and most importantly be yourself. Let your own unique self make a statement

Your latest buy (clothing, shoes, accessories…) and your favourite brand.

Picked up a pair of shades from RayBan and a couple of creams from LaMer.

Which is your favourite destination/country to shop?

I absolutely love shopping at Milan..

One ‘must-have’ thing (could be shoes, accessory, clothes) in a wardrobe is…

Denims and a white T-shirt. You can never go wrong with this classic casual look.

Style Tips for our readers

First, be comfortable in your own skin; do not come under pressure to lose those last 5 kilos. Buy clothes and accessories to wear as many times as you like and buy clothes that you can repeat wearing!

Autograph of Tulip Joshi @TheRoyaleIndia

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