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Women are the essence of the world. The digital world is also not an exception to this statement.  The year of 2016 can be considered as a not so rewarding time period for women. But who ran the world in 2017? From politics to the Paralympics, 2017 has been a tumultuous yet a surprising year for women on the entire world stage. There have been jolting moments of tears as well as joyous moments of triumphs but, as we head into the New Year with female icons stronger than ever before, it is clear that women are setting the agendas and are not ready to back down in any case scenario. The global escapades are changing fast and quick, and you need to be aware if you don’t want to miss a thing. Ladies of the world are making their presence felt in all domains including social media. They know it exactly when and how to pull the strings to get what they want, well almost every time. Here is an ode to those trending beauties of the net that made our year 2017 a rocking ride. These ladies hail from all the fields and have left behind a mark for us to remember them. Let us see who those trending personalities are that have taken the world of netizens with a storm.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut came barreling into 2017 with loaded guns in both hands and the infamous institutionalized hierarchy of Bollywood in her sights. Like always she aimed high, taking out Karah Johar in his own natural habitat, starting an extremely awkward nationwide conversation about Nepotism (with some googling what infact is Nepotism) that never really found a proper solution. Meanwhile, Kangana was already getting caught in an unnecessarily public dissection of her personal life, regarding which she decided to take the narrative into her own hands by going on AapkiAdalat and bringing Rajat Sharma’s show back out of obscurity, with a session that started with a rampage on award shows, sexual harassment and all things wrong with the fraternity of Bollywood and concluded in an honest and heartfelt account of her relationship with Hritik Roshan. With the deflated response to Simran, it may look like she lost her fire abit while climbing out of her pit of chaos, that was 2017, but she seems all ready for 2018 with Manikarnika!

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Dhinchak Pooja

Lest we forget, I am going to remind everyone that Dhinchak Pooja was/is a net sensation that we, as Indians, as humans… let happen. Pooja Jain rose to an instant fame when her music video “Selfiemaine le li aaj” got insanely viral across the social media platforms. Her recent youtube gig also known as “Dilonka shooter haimera scooter” got the honour of being featured on Tommy Sandhu’s Best bits on Asian Network of BBC Radio hosted by Tommy Sandhu himself. The episode of the show was titled as “Dhinchak Pooja and Nakash Aziz”. Tommy Sandhu has said it on record that Dhinchak Pooja is a hot new talent of this millennium straight out of the land of India. The 3.7 million hits in a short span of 3 days had him bewildered but he did confess that the song was catchy enough. Just like the world he too found himself humming the song.  Although, capping off a short lived meme-like online presence with a short lived meme-like stint on Bigg Boss, Dhinchak Pooja is a renowned “internet celebrity”, I am very glad we’re leaving behind in 2017. Or are we? It just serves us all as a reminder that with Great youtubepower comes great viewership responsibility. Not everyone’s meant to wield it.
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Mallika Dua

On the other side of Social Media fame, MallikaDua happened. If you haven’t, for some reason, seen her as Tinder in AIB’s “If People Were Apps” videos, stop reading and do it right now! The way she has personified Tinder in the purest and somehow dirtiest and the kinkiest way possible, at the same time it was an absolute treat to watch. Having seen her various characters on Snapchat before that, it’s certainly a very interesting creative rise to witness. The society is not accepting her loud roles but is rooting for her progressive creative thinking. Last few days saw her being involved in spat with Akshay Kumar and his wife, Mrs. Funny Bones. Her fans and followers almost jump to her escape and shielded her from all the nonsensical comments coming her way. The said fiasco demanded a safe and respectable work environment for ladies.  I hope 2018 is all the better for her and we get to witness more of her quirky and kinky characters.

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Melania Trump

The most “awwh, haha” part about the trump presidency this year has been every conversation surrounding Mrs. Meliania Trump, first women of America. From those empathy inducing clips around the inauguration, to her largely being absent in his day to day political life, almost everyone at one time or another felt bad for her. But then you remember that she’s FLOTUS, and even though she’s married to Donald Trump, so those probably kind of balance each other out. Her presence has often been compared to Michele Obama, who was the queen of hearts and knew her game well. Melania Trump’s speeches during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump were a blatant rip off ex-FLOTUS. I would not blame Mrs.Trump entirely for that because it was the responsibility of her PR team that failed her miserably in the eyes of US citizens. But as we know the excuses doesn’t work well with the netizens and at times they are quite unforgiving.

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Mithali Raj

There is no denying the fact that Mithali Raj deserves way more respect and recognition than she ever got, but thankfully all that changed in 2017 when she led the Indian Women’s Cricket team to the World Cup Final as the captain of the team. Women’s cricket still doesn’t get remotely as much public passion as the Men’s, but Mithali has delivered more than her call of duty to stake their claim in the public eye, even landing her a spot on BBC’s 100 Most Influential Women in the world. 2017 was a good year for women in sports, and Mithali played a huge part in it which will hopefully be seen in more recognition for the underrated women’s leagues in 2018. She did not conform to the general perception of the society regarding the women cricket in India. She showed that her passion towards the game is bigger than all the condescending stares and comments. Mithali Raj is a name that will be remembered throughout for her contribution towards Indian women’s cricket.

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PV Sindhu

Speaking of big year for Women in sports, no one saw a louder or more unified support and love in 2017 than PV Sindhu, much of which we owe to the multiple wins at the various international sport events. Sindhu came out of the gates destined to be a prodigal child about 6 years ago, and her stature in the field of women sports has only grown ever since. Anyone who has been following her career was not surprised by the records she set this year, but the voice for her support only grew larger this year and will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2018. She has been floating graciously around all the publicity that she has garnered but her unbeatable victory march is the evidence of her dedication and hard work. PV Sindhu made it possible for multiple Indians to sit together glued to their TV screens during her finals, something that was only seen when Indian men’s cricket used to be playing. She has undoubtedly made it to the hearts of the commoners and inspiring many sportspersons ever since.

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Alyssa Milano

2017 will long be remembered as the year in which the cultural monster that is sexual harassment reared its ugly head. The last quarter of 2017 was awash in a worldwide stand against sexual harassment stemming from allegations against Harvey Weinstein. But no event singlehandedly represents the whole movement better than the twitter #metoo campaign started by Alyssa Milano that asked women And men around the world, who had been victims of sexual harassment in their lives, to tweet about it so that we could gauge the depth and understand how globally embedded this problem is in our “cultured society”; and that resulted in millions of tweets from all over the world, in a powerful show of disgust and unity against the issue, which has been a long time coming. This campaign not only brought women closer in the times when they are most vulnerable but also shook the world of patriarchy to a great extent. The acknowledgement regarding sexual harassment against women is no more a tabooed topic, all thanks to a daring lady who chose to speak it out loud.

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The self-styled godman Baba Ram Rahim’s closest aide HonepreetInsan has been the favourite doll of media in the past few months. Media has been following her with much passion and the viewers seem to love each minute of it. The dig into the personal life of HoneypreetInsan started right after Baba Ram Rahim was convicted for rape charges and India was on the verge of communal violence. The whole master plan of violence was orchestrated by Honeypreet as retaliation against the verdict of the court. She has been alleged to have illegal relationship with MSG famed baba. The members of Dera and her estranged husband have divulged the details about their equations which have come out as a shocker. HoneypreetInsan who has always been a shadow to Baba Ram Rahim has boasted about the purity of their father-daughter relationship in all her media interviews. People close to the baba have claimed that Honeypreet was the reason behind his quirky dress sense and his desire of being a protagonist in a movie. It was her latent desires that she wanted to fulfil through him. The story revolving around the two seems like a plausible plot for EktaKapoor’s next daily soap. Are you up for such a theatrical drama?

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Nirmala Sitharaman

Narender Modi can be credited for selecting and promoting strong women leaders in the arena of Indian politics. Nirmala Sitharaman, defense minister of India, is yet another bold face of feminism India needs. She is widely known in her fraternity for bold and powerful decision making ability of hers.She recently became viral on internet when she was videotaped teaching Chinese soldiers the meaning and art of Namaste. She was touted as the torch bearer of love and unity between the powers who have shared a rather tumultuous relationship in the recent past. A lady defense minister might strengthen the image of India in the international affairs. The next year will be crucial for her since everyone is tempted to rank her on the political scoreboard.

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Fatima Sana Shaikh

You might remember her vividly from Chachi 420’s Bharti or Dangal’s Getta Phogat. Fatima Sana Shaikh has never ceased to swoon us with her charming looks and on the point acting skills. She was born to a Hindu father and a Muslim mother. The bubbly child artist has grown into a beautiful and mature film actress. Sharing the screen space with Aamir Khan also known as Mr. Perfect has only boosted her morale. After the movie Dangal she has been loudly applauded for the character “GeetaPhogat”that she has played essayed so effortlessly. Recently in the past she has again made the rounds in media for the swim suit pictures she has posted on social media platform, instagram. She was shamed for posting an under dressed picture of herself during the month of Ramzan. The picture sharing website soon got turned into a battle zone. I am just hoping that this does not deter Ms. Shaikh from her route. We all have to the right to be us and not apologies for it!

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