Trekking essentials that are must-haves for all your treks and travels

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Trekking is an adventure sport for the people who love to peril and defy to venture. Trekking started gaining popularity as early as 1970s and 1980s and is exceedingly popular these days. Especially post the IT Revolution; we see most of the techies, who are adventure freaks joining the trekking groups on social media, to plan a quick weekend getaway.

Trekking is an amazing physical activity and also lets you travel to exotic locations to explore the beauty of the nature. It is an independent activity even when performed with others. This riveting, thrilling and adrenaline rushing adventure sport gives immense joy and a sense of accomplishment to the trekkers.

Things to carry on a trek needs to be of less weight since the trek bag will be carried solely by you alone. Trekking will be fun and a happy activity if you do not compromise on the quality of the trekking equipments. Here are some tips to carry the right and the useful things for a happy trek!

1. Light weight Trekking Backpack

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The backpack is the most important equipment which accommodates the rest of the things. Some of the key features to look for when investing in a trek backpack are: It should have main compartment, extra compartments, rare mesh pocket, hip belt, shoulder straps, hip belt pockets, shoulder pouch, water bottle holders, waterproof etc.

Your backpack needs to be of the best quality, a big one (not too big to weigh you down) and light weight to make your activity a less of a burden and more of fun.

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2. Clothing for unpredictable weather

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Choosing the right trekking clothes for the right weather is equally important. If it is a summer trek, trekking shorts (preferably cotton) are more comfortable. However, Trek pants are always a safer option to avoid from an insect bite or an allergic plant. Pants also keep you warm in the cold weather. A Rain Jacket or Ponchos is a must to carry in your trek bag since the weather can be unpredictable on higher altitudes. A waterproof and breathable rain jacket is a good choice. Disposable rain jackets are also an option since they are lightweight and easy to carry.

3. Trekking Footwear

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Trekking Shoe is one of the important equipment to make your trek a successful one. It is always good to invest in the best shoe to avoid any welt and the sore feet. Lightweight, Waterproof, quick drying, solid & comfortable shoes are the features to consider when buying your trek shoe. It is also good to buy a pair of trekking socks to add the warmth. Flip-flops come handy when you would want to remove those shoes and let your feet breathe after a daylong walk.

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4. First aid kit & Skin Care protection

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The Medical first aid kit is essential to carry, since trek is usually done with a group of people, any one of the group member can carry the medical aid kit. Medicines for illness and injuries like band aid strips, duct tapes to prevent blisters, antibiotic cream, Antacid – for indigestion, pain killers, cotton gauze, Scissors etc can be included in the kit. Some of the other basic necessities for skin care like Sun blocks, sun glasses, lip balms and tissues for sun protection, moisturizers or cold creams and insect repellents can be a saviour too.

5. Sleeping Bag Liner

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It’s always good to carry a sleeping bag liner and it plays an inevitable role in hygiene. The sleeping liners will keep the sleeping bags cleaner. It is also easy to wash the bag liner by just dumping it in to the washing machine. The silk sleeping bag liner is the most compact and lightweight to carry. This sleep bag liner adds on to protect you against the insect bites, to increase the warmth of sleeping bag, to protect the inner sleeping bag from any dirt. It definitely assures you a happy, comfortable and good night’s sleep.

6. Lightweight Head Lamps

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Head Lamp should be lightweight since it is worns on the head. Sometimes the trek might take more time than expected and hence it is crucial to carry this accessory in your trekking kit. Ensure the head lamp provides good brightness and beam distance and it should also be water resistant to withstand sudden rain. It is always advisable to buy a headlamp which can use both rechargeable and disposable batteries. Thus, an extra pair of disposable batteries in your bag can act as a backup resource. Head Lamps will help you to plan more activities in the dark to continue the fun.

7. Food and Water

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Trekking is an intense physical activity it is important to ensure you intake the right food and drinks at regular intervals to keep up your energy levels.

Water is essential thing to carry; it is advisable to carry minimum of 2 to 3 bottles of water to keep you hydrated. Energy drinks, glucose, salt and sugar solutions help you provide the required nutrients to the exhausted body. When it comes to food it is always advisable to carry the nutritious, energy packed and lightweight foods. Some of them are high calorie chocolates; nuts and multigrain crackers which are light on stomach and also increase your stamina.

Simple tip is to have a healthy high calorie meal and to drink sufficient water before starting off the trek.

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Happy Trekking!

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