Treggings – The Fashion Simply Won’t Fade

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We have heard about leggings and jeggings, but what exactly are Treggings? Just as jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings; a tregging is a cross between trousers and leggings. A simple definition would be- a skinny pair of jeans! The first set of treggings were made out of leather which were uncomfortable and one felt suffocated in it, but our genius fashion designers have come up with a comfortable replacement made out of lycra. Intelligent, aren’t they?

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Some would disagree to wear leggings to work, but this unique concept of treggings has just made that stereotype disappear. If it makes you look slimmer round the thighs and if it makes you look chic and in fashion at work, then why not prefer TREGGINGS over trousers? To be honest, a pair of treggings can not only go with a formal shirt but even with a casual one, a retro one or for that matter even with a kurti! So you can wear it at office, for a lunch with friends, to the amusement park or just casually. They can literally go with everything. Treggings are comfortable to wear and during the erratic monsoon conditions, any sane person would choose treggings.

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Surprisingly, this trend is four years old and hasn’t still phased out as predicted by fashion gurus. Wish to know why? Because of the high comfort level it provides. It definitely has an upper hand over jeans and trousers. The word ‘treggings’ has already made its way into the Oxford dictionary, achiever indeed!

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Made from stretchable material, you can still wear the same pair of treggings even if you have put on some pounds. Advantage, isn’t it? Also, with maternity treggings available, moms-to-be can don them and feel trendy too. Treggings are 100% functional apart from being beautiful; they flaunt your curves in a much better ways. Treggings are pieces of an art according to the Principles of Design!

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We have even seen Victoria Beckham of Hollywood to the sassy Priyanka Chopra of Bollywood sporting treggings quite often. So, if you all beautiful ladies have to look like your favorite celebrity, FOLLOW THE TREND and make boys drool over you!

Available in a variety of tints and shades and prints, there is a lot of mix and match options for you to try out. For example, buy a black and white Aztec print pair of treggings and team it up with bold colored tees and different colored bangles in one hand and a watch in another, there you are, Simply gorgeous!!

Considered as a good replacement for those worn out pair of jeans lying at the back of your wardrobe, treggings are definitely flexible, durable, stretchable and affordable too. Treggings are an absolutely wardrobe essential along with your LBD, a pair of nude pumps, sun glasses and a mesmeric perfume. Don’t wait anymore, splurge on treggings right away and glam up your quotient all the way.

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