Travel to the Euphoric Northeast India – Meghalaya & Nagaland

January 21, 2015 Travel to the Euphoric Northeast India - Meghalaya & nagaland @TheRoyaleIndia 1965 0 0

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If traveling to India is on your mind this season or rather being in India you are still in a dilemma about which places to visit, then perhaps this is going to be an easy cheat sheet… Read on…

India is an ironically blessed country, with some patches of the country being blessed with abundance greenery and hush forests, while other places are slightly jagged and barren. With dense rains in some parts and others craving for the raindrops, this paradox makes the country an extremely favorite destination for tourists.

around shillong view @TheRoyaleIndia

Meghalaya and Nagaland are places that will enhance your pleasure and give you a rejuvenating experience. Meghalaya better recognized as “Abode of Clouds” is a beautiful state of India surrounded Assam and Bangladesh. On your visit to this enchanting place you would come across glorious landscapes, countryside view, cloudy hills, twisty rivers, cascading waterfalls, and rich wildlife. The state population comprises of tribes of Khasis (which are highest in numbers) Garos and Pnars.

“Scotland of East” – Shillong

shillong elephant falls @TheRoyaleIndia

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is blessed with abundance of greenery and is stationed at an altitude of 1496m. Shillong Peak, Botanical Garden, Spread Eagle Falls, Ward’s Lake, Lady Hydari Park, and Elephant Falls are places in Shillong that you must strike off before leaving the place.

Places Around Shillong

Cheerapunji Tura Hills @TheRoyaleIndia

Cherrapunji is above the hazy valleys and is one of the wettest places in the country.

The heavy rainfalls have sculpted many natural stone formations and waterfalls. However, there is a less known fact about this place. At Chirapunji, it usually rains at night and hence the routine activities of the inhabitants remain undisturbed irrespective of heavy rains. Garo Hills are ecstasy for nature lovers and offers a panoramic view of the sweeping curls of Bhramhaputra and the low lying plains. It is said that sunset from Tura Peak – the highest point at about 1400m is a breathtaking experience.

bara bazaar shillong @TheRoyaleIndia

You could also spend some time at Bara Bazar which is the oldest and largest ethnic market in northeast India and is in the heart of Shillong.


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A state of eight districts promises to welcome you with unusual scenic beauty accompanied by warm village tribals who are as curious as the tourists. It borders the state of Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam to the north, Manipur to the south and Myanmar to the east. The villages of Nagaland are full of vigor and color surrounded by tribals in an untamed environment. However with modern life picking its pace don’t expect to find people donned in tribal clothes everywhere.

kohima nagaland @TheRoyaleIndia

Nagaland’s capital Kohima is a picturesque town which is sure to entice every tourist. It’s well connected and you could choose to reach by train, fly to the destination or even drive down. Kohima is also a quick drive from the commercial center of Nagaland – Dimapur. If you plan to take a stopover at Dimapur you could pay your visit to the mysterious 13th century ruins of Karachi civilization. They ruled this area, until the Nagas from the hills took over.

kohima war cemetery nagaland @TheRoyaleIndia

If history excites you, then it’s worthwhile to visit the Kohima War Cemetery. This is a tribute to the soldiers who lost their life while attempting to ward off the Japanese army during World War II.

Around Kohima

kohima kisama heritage village @TheRoyaleIndia

Just about 12 kilometers from Kohima there is Kisama Heritage Village which is designed in the form of a traditional Naga village to offer an authentic feel and pleasure of traveling back in time. It has an open air museum and you could visit any day from morning until evening… And if you are there in December, don’t miss the unique ‘Hornbill Festival’ which features traditional arts, dances, folk songs and games and is attended by most tribes of Nagaland.

hornbill festival @TheRoyaleIndia

Tip: Be sure to check the weather and pack your clothes accordingly as the winters there are extremely chilly and it might rain in months from June to September

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