9 Places In India That Every 20-Something Must Visit Before Turning 30

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The wanderlust bug is sure to bite you during your 20s, so why not travel and explore different places while you are still young. Our twenties are about exploring life in its different shades and becoming the person we are actually meant to be. Moreover, little savings and abundant energy along with good health make it the best time for us to take the travel plunge and see what the world has to offer.
Experiencing different cultures, travelling to destinations where you hardly understand the local language, even getting a little lost on a solo trip or a trip with friends, will change the way you look at the world. So, come on pack your bags… adventure awaits!
We have put together a bucket list of 9 places that you must visit while you’re still young:

1. Scuba Diving, Andaman

Source: tripigator.com

Scuba diving is the best way to witness the life of a different form and swim beside vibrant fishes, breath-taking corals, sponges, and turtles. The moment you take the plunge into the sea that is twelve to fifteen feet deep, you will be transported to a hidden water kingdom, something you hardly knew about.

2. White River Rafting, Rishikesh

Source: gqindia.com

There is a reason why white river rafting at Rishikesh has become so popular among youngsters. Rafting on the fierce frothing water of the holy Ganges will surely calm down the bursting vitality and eagerness one experiences in his/her 20s.

3. Road Trip To Leh Ladakh

Source: tripplatform.com

Well, I am pretty sure that each one of us must have imagined taking that less-travelled road trip to Leh Ladakh. This challenging road trip is the ultimate dream of every biker and gives you the opportunity to leave the hassles of life and reflect within.

Source: traveldesireindia.com

The serene view of snow clad mountains, barren terrains, cascading streams, camping, and star gazing at night, and untamed roads are reasons enough to backpack your bag and hit the road.

4. Partying in Goa

Source: scoopwhoop.com

Carefree spirit, booze, and beaches… do you need us to mention anything more!

The 20-something people can try a variety of exotic local booze (feni), indulge in numerous water sports, enjoy beach volleyball, and treat their taste buds to exotic delicacies. Under-30 is the best time to enjoy the nightlife that Goa offers and party hard!

5. Glide Your Way, Solang

Source: askideas.com

Overcome your fear of heights at Solang valley!

Go paragliding in the picturesque valley of Solang in Himachal. Flying above the clouds and watching the snow-capped mountains from a different angle will surely surprise you. Here you can also enjoy other sports like snowboarding, skiing, etc. during winters.

6. Take A Dip In Holy Ganges, Varanasi

Source: justvaranasi.com

Varanasi, or Banaras, as we know it, is one of the oldest cities in the world and paints the spiritual picture of our country. Watching thousands of people on the banks of the holy river (ghats) performing aartis is seriously a sight and would change the picture of this city in your mind.

7. Caver’s Paradise, Meghalaya

Source: kipepeo.in

If insects, darkness, height, and tight spaces do not bother you much, caving is the thing for the explorer in you! If you wish to explore the deepest and longest caves like Krem Dam and Mawsami Cave in the Southern Asia, Meghalaya is the place to go! Also, walking on the living root bridges is also a worthy experience that you will not forget in years to come!

8. Visit A Haunted Place, Bhangarh

Source: baadalmusings.com

If you really think that you cannot get spooked, try visiting Bhangarh Fort, one of the most haunted places in India. It is believed that the entire population residing in this city was obliterated overnight.

Source: cityshor.com

It is believed that supernatural activities are observed in this place at night and no one is allowed to enter this place between sunset and sunrise.

9. Trekking And Monastery Tour, Sikkim

Source: sikkimtouristplaces.files.wordpress.com

Take a solo trip to Sikkim to fulfil your yearnings for a surreal adventure, and experience the mystical essence of Buddhism to rediscover your inner peace. This place offers a serene blend of peace and natural beauty at its best!

So, before turning thirty, pack your bags and get going to any of these destinations to experience the world in a different way!

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