Trailer of Singham Returns to launch today

July 11, 2014 Trailer of Singham Returns to launch today @TheRoyaleIndia 303 0 0

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The power packed cop ‘Bajirao Singham’ will be back to win the hearts of all with the Singham sequel ‘Singham Returns’. The worldwide release of the trailer of Singham Returns is planned for today at 12 pm.

ajay at singham returns trailer launch @TheRoyaleIndia

Rohit Shetty who is known for his direction for action movies, promises to give out a much more action packed sequel of Singham. The Singham fans are excited to get the first look of the action-packed movie as they are sure that Shetty won’t disappoint them when it comes to action. This time the heart throb in the movie would be Kareena Kapoor playing the love interest of Ajay Devgan.

This is one of the biggest franchises being taken forward by the director-actor highlighting the current and deep-rooted issues of common man and the society. Singham Returns is promoted as an original flick as against its prequel which was a remake of a Tamil film. Do look out for Amole Gupte in a negative shade this film.

ajay & kareena at trailer launch @TheRoyaleIndia

Singham Returns is joint production of Reliance Entertainment, Ajay Devgan Films and Rohit Shetty with its release expected on Independence Day this year.

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