Top ways to spice it up even after having a baby

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Uninterrupted conversations, elaborate coffee sessions, romantic dinners and unhurried love making moments will all seem like a blessing once you have a baby. Parenting is a huge responsibility which could drain you out completely and make you feel like it’s the end of your personal space. But with the right attitude and right choices you can still keep the flame alive with your partner, even after having a baby. Here are some quick ways to help you do that:


Fun time with child

Funtime with baby - Spice up parenthood @TheRoyaleIndia

Child care is an important aspect of parenthood which could be utilized to build a stronger bond with your spouse. From changing the diapers to holding on to the tiny hands while their feet tumble in their first step, child care involves all of them. Allot a specific time wherein both the parents can be together and spend quality time with the child to teach him something new. Training the child to kick a ball, hold a bat, identifying particular animals might all seem a difficult task but while doing it with your partner, you can spend a quality time giggling, laughing and falling in love all over again.

Prioritise things

Prioritise Things with a checklist @TheRoyaleIndia

Dishes in the kitchen sink and the clothes in the laundry bag can wait for few more hours but the time will never wait when the child falls asleep. Make the most of it when you know your child is not going to be up for next few hours. Even if it is going to be an hour’s nap, you get good enough time to make your better half feel special.

Sneak Out

Sneak Out to spice up parenthood @TheRoyaleIndia

Sneak out of home at times to spend some romantic time together for a candle light dinner or for a movie but make sure you have a reliable person back at home to take care of your child. Make the most of it when you have in-laws visiting your place. So while the grandparents get their time to pamper the kid, you can squeeze in a quick date together.

Romance with the stroller

Romance with the stroller @TheRoyaleIndiat

Babies usually tend to sleep outdoors especially in an airy place which is calm and peaceful. Choose a place nearby which could be garden, a beach or even an open area where you could take your baby in a stroller and have a romantic walk with your partner while the baby is fast asleep.

Staying Prepared

Staying Prepared @TheRoyaleIndia

Attend maternity workshops, talk to new mommies, surf and get as much as knowledge you can about child care and being a mommy during your pregnancy period. Staying prepared about every phase of your child will give you enough peace of mind and will keep you away from surprises and anxiety that the baby could bring in. A confused mind and inability to understand things around your baby might lead to frustration which in turn will affect the relationship with your spouse.

Small gestures

Remember the days when you had nothing to say but still called each other at work just to hear the voice or to simply ask if they had their lunch? Don’t stop making those small gestures that made the other feel special. Give a call just to tell him how much you still love him. Send a text to show that you miss him. These small efforts would hardly take few minutes from you but will make the other person connected to you for the rest of the day.


Surprise your spouse @TheRoyaleIndia

Don’t wait for any occasion to gift your spouse. Arrange for surprises that could take your spouse to the seventh heaven. A bouquet of flowers to the work place, a dress that would enhance the beauty of your better half, a small holiday trip, anything that could bring a smile on the face would definitely keep up the bond, strong.

To have a happily ever after even after having babies, keep the flame alive and add on to the chemistry with your spouse.

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