7 Dining wonders of Ahmedabad

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Scrumptious and filling Gujarati thalis, delicious and fluffy dhoklas or the lip-smacking fafdas, when it comes to filling tummies, Amdavadis have loads of options. So whether you have a nice date, a family dinner or a casual lunch in your mind, these 7 restaurants have a menu that is sure to please your palate with their delicious offerings.


Chandravilas Ahmedabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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If you’re craving for some authentic Gujarati food, Chandravilas on Gandhi Road is your go-to place.

Jalebi @TheRoyaleIndia

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Best known for their jalebi and fafdas, people stand in queues for over 45 minutes to get their hands on these delicacies! That’s not all, their Kadhis and Gujarati thalis are also delicious enough to fill your tummy and heart with nothing but love for Ahmedabad.

Address – Near Ratan Pole, Gandhi Road, Kalupur, Ahmedabad

Cost – Rs. 250 for 2 people approx


Vishalla Ahemdabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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A village in itself, Vishalla is one of the best food joints you can visit in Ahmedabad. The ambience and people here will make you feel at home while the food is absolutely out of this world! Not to forget the live orchestra that will keep you entertained while you gorge on the delicacies.

Vishalla Restaurant Ahemdabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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The menu includes food items like Handvao, Bataka Pauva, Cholafali, Khandvi, turiya-patra, tindola… the list is just about endless!

Address – Near Vasna Tol, Opposite APMC Market, Vasna, Ahmedabad

Cost – Rs. 1,400 for 2 people approx. (Cash and Cards accepted)

Patang Restaurant

Patang Restaurant In Ahemdabad @TheRoyaleIndia

On the Ashram road, at a height of about 200 feet from the ground, you’ll see an object revolving in the sky. Do not worry people; it’s not a flying saucer, just a revolving restaurant with a spectacular view of the entire city. The beautiful building has been standing tall for over 2 decades and is one of the most famous landmarks in Ahmedabad.

Patang Restaurant Ahmedabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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Patang is mostly known for its Punjabi style food which is quite decent. However, the unique concept of the restaurant is what makes it a must-visit.

Address – Chinubhai Tower, Nehru Bridge Corner, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Cost – Rs. 1,500 for 2 people approx. (Cash and Cards accepted)

Gordhan Thal

Gordan Thal @TheRoyaleIndia

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Everything about this restaurant, be it the utensils, the ambiance, servers, not to mention the food, oozes the flavor of Rajasthan. Known especially for being great organizers for any celebration, you will be more than happy with what this longstanding restaurant has to offer.

Gordan Thal Ahemdabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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The place is best known for its variety of thalis and other Gujarati dishes like dhoklas, kachori, khichdis and the like. So if you’re planning a grand celebration around Ahmedabad, you know where to head.

Address – Ground floor, Sapath Complex, Opposite Rajpath Club, S G Highway, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Cost – Rs. 600 for 2 people approx. (Cash and Cards accepted)


Rajawadu Ahemdabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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Another great restaurant for Gujju food lovers is Rajwadu. The place has a very royal Gujarati look and feel, and the staff is very welcoming. Enjoy performances by folk dancers on interesting Gujarati numbers while you dig into your authentic Gujarati 3 course meal.

Rotlas, theplas, gatta sabji, handvo, kachori and halvo are to name a few dishes from their extravagant and fairly priced menu.

Address – Near Jivraj Tolnaka, Ambaji Temple, Malav Talav, Velajpur

Cost – Rs. 1,100 for 2 people approx. (Cash and Cards accepted)

Toran Dining Hall

Toran Dinning hall @TheRoyaleIndia

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Prompt service and simple Gujarati food is what makes Toran what it is.

Toran Dinning Hall Ahemdabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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Don’t underestimate the simplicity of their delicacies; they’re lip-smacking all right! All in all, their food and service is definitely value for money.

Address – Opposite sales India, Ashram road, Ahmedabad 380009

Cost – Rs. 500 for 2 people approx. (Cash and Cards accepted)


Agashiye Ahmedabad @TheRoyaleIndia

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The name of the restaurant means ‘terrace’ in Gujarati which makes it quite obvious that the restaurant is on a rooftop. Adding to that, it’s not just any rooftop but a terrace of an Indo-Baroque mansion which has been now transformed into a heritage hotel.

Popular for its buffet serving style, the meal starts with a choice of Indian breads, followed by a variety of delicious Gujarati items, coming to an end with a serving of rice. So, for all those who like to get the royal treatment, Agashiye is a great place to go.

Address – The House of MG, Sidi Saiyed Jali, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad

Cost – Rs. 1,700 for 2 people approx. (Cash and Cards accepted)

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