Top Five Luxury Watches for men for 2014

March 28, 2014 Top Five Luxury Watches for men for 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia 724 0 0

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The watch maketh the man. Or that’s what we think. Being the most significant accessory of a man, a watch becomes a sort of his signature. Though making the list has been tough, we have managed to compile the 5 best luxury watches for men for 2014 from the best brands in the world, only for you-

1. Lange & Söhne

perpetual calendar terraluna @TheRoyaleIndia

Founded in 1845, this German watchmaker has introduced the Perpetual Calendar Terraluna, a watch so precise that the display will have to be corrected by only one day after 1.058 years. This watch has a 45.5 mm face and a display of three discs, the biggest one being the minutes display. The back of the dial has a beautiful moon and earth display.

2. Baume & Mercier

clifton flying tourbilion @TheRoyaleIndia

A Swiss luxe brand, Baume & Mercier introduced its Flying Tourbillon watch for its Clifton series. This 45.5 mm dial, houses the tourbillion at the ‘9’ position. A mechanism, not needed by watchmakers today, the tourbillion does add to the character of the watch.

3. Jaeger Le-Coultre

master ultra thin repeater flying tourbilion @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the leading watchmakers of the world, Jaeger Le-Coultre, has extended its Ultra Thin Collection with the Master Ultra Thin Repeater Flying Tourbillon. This is just a year after introducing Master Ultra Thin Jubilee. With a thickness of just 7.9 mm (including the crystal), the brand has reworked on the flying tourbillion mechanism to help reduce the thickness. The overall design is classic Jaeger Le-Coulter which has been a pioneer in pocket watches.

4. Montblanc

montblanc nicolas rieussec chronograph automatic @TheRoyaleIndia

Not just the world’s number one brand for writing instruments, this famous name is a leading brand when it comes to watches as well. As a tribute to Nicolas Rieussec, the French watchmaker to the King of Paris in 1817 and the manufacturer of the first patented chronograph, Montblanc has introduced Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Automatic. With its unusual display coupled with the modern mechanism, this piece is available in 18k red gold, pink gold, and limited platinum. Ooh boy!

5. Piguet

royal oak offshore chronograph @TheRoyaleIndia

Another Swiss brand in our midst, Audemars Piguet introduced the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph, weighing over a pound. With a 42 mm dial this model is made entirely of gold however, it does have a blue variant as well.

The ones which almost made the cut were Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe. Oh well, guess if you buy any model from any of these brands we know who is our next best friend.

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