Top 7 TVF Play’s Best Original Series for Youngsters

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We’re sure most of you already know TVF is all about? For those who don’t, this is the abbreviated form of ‘The Viral Fever’, a digital entertainment channel that is basically online. This creative network was founded by Arunabh Kumar. The main motive behind the launch of this creative entertainment channel was to reach directly to the minds of the youngsters which he thought could be easier with shows which were relatable with daily life issues. The shows viewed on this channel, like ‘Permanent Roommates’ and ‘TVF Pitchers’, have themes that youngsters could easily connect to.

To create a greater impact on the minds of the young generation who mainly watch TV to pass their time or for entertainment, TVF started to broadcast original series that focused mainly on Movies, lifestyle, Indian Politics, and social concepts. Its popularity has increased and, today, it has a fan following of more than a million subscribers on YouTube. Today they also have dedicated a website to host their videos all in one place. To inform you and grow your interest in the videos catered by TVF, here are few of the most loved original Hindi series from TVF discussed below.

1. Permanent Roommates: One of the most loved TVF originals in recent times is ‘Permanent Roommates’. This show revolves around the lives of a long distance couple named Tanya and Mikesh. Mikesh is a guy who has a job in the US and is a very caring and lovable boy but a bit gullible. The story starts when the couple, being in a long distance relationship, suddenly face the prospect of getting married. The series moves on with the happenings and troubles that start along with it. The cast includes Sumeet Vyas as Mikesh and Nidhi Singh as Tanya.

2. TVF Pitchers: This show from the originals of TVF was developed by the founder himself, Arunabh Kumar and started to broadcast first in 2015. The show features 4 friends named Yogi, Jitu, Naveen and Mandal. The show is all about how these four friends, quitting their jobs, struggled to launch their own start-up business. The story starts when Naveen, one of the four friends gets furious upon not getting projects and resigns from his current job, gets called to move to Beijing but ultimately drops that plan too in order to start his own business. How they face and overcome challenges in bringing their start-ups on track is what TVF Pitchers is all about. The cast includes Naveen Kssturia as Naveen, Jitendra Kumar as Jitendra, Arunabh Kumar as Yogendra and Abhay Mahajan as Saurabh.

3. The Making Of: This TV original from TVF has earned its popularity for bringing the real face of popular things that most look up to before their viewers in the form of a parody. This show mixes both reality and humour in such an attractive way that you would love watching every series as they are brand original.

4. Barely Speaking with Arnub: This is another very popular show from The Viral Fever that features script writer Biswapat Sarka, as a self-obsessed and arrogant news anchor who marks himself as the voice of the nation. Celebrities visit his show and have to confront various questions from varied topics and contexts by him.

5. Chai Sutta Chronicles: This TVF show features the lives of three friends and the happenings in their lives. Different goings-on are separated into different stories and the episodes run in perfect tandem to flow with the theme of the show. Arunabh Kumar, Amit Golani, and Biswapati Sarkar play the leads in the show.

6. TVF Tripling: Another Blockbuster from the TVF package is this TVF Tripling which tells us the story of three siblings and their journey. This is a journey that anybody would like to be a part of. The three siblings, Chandan, Chitvan, and Chanchal, trapped in their own lives and life stories, get a chance to manage a road trip and this journey is followed by more than 12 million views. The storyline is a great blend of real emotions, realism, and humour between siblings. You would love to find the characters as real as the casts themselves – Sumeet Vyas as Chandan, Manvi Gagroo as Chanchal, Amol Parashaar as Chitvan.

7. Tech Conversations with My Dad: TVF’s main policy is to reach out to the heart and minds of the young generation through the most digital way possible. This trend has very well been taken forward with another most interactive and original show ‘Tech conversations with my Dad’. In everybody’s lives, explaining new technologies to the older generations has proven to be a great task. The problems are well demonstrated and featured in the show with an amazing cast that includes Gajraj Rao, Jitendra Kumar, Akansha Thakur and others.

Since these popular shows are all related to our daily life issues and happenings, they took no time in entering the heart of the youngsters and have made TVF one of the most sought-after channels, and its shows as the most outstanding ones available for teaching life lessons in a very different way that is highly rated by youngsters today.

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